Embedded Memory

Versatile Flash and MRAM technologies

Bring outstanding reliability and proven manufacturability to all your embedded applications with memory from GF

Your customers’ demand for memory has never been higher and GF is here to help you meet these expectations. Supported by qualified IP design partners and experienced internal macro design and test optimization, GF offers Flash and MRAM memory technology across a wide range of nodes to meet your application needs.


embedded memory

Decade of proven


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In production since 2008, GF’s high-performance embedded Flash memory has the endurance and scalability that make it a reliable memory option for a variety of applications in automotive, industrial, IoT and SmartCard markets.

  • Highly reliable and proven technology qualified for 28, 40, 55 and 130nm process nodes with the lowest mask count 28nm in the industry
  • Qualified to Auto Grade 1 on 40, 55 and 130nm, and also available in conjunction with power management 130 BCD and 55 BCDLite® technologies
  • Integrated alongside RF and ULL/ULP blocks
  • Design, test and package turnkey services


Versatile data and code storage for the most demanding applications with MRAM.

  • Highest reliability memory and competitively low bit error rates
  • Fully integrated into 22FDX® technology with MRAM in volume production
  • Macro design services available with focus on IoT attributes, including standby power and wake time from deep sleep
  • Supports designs which are tolerant to extreme temperature and radiation, ideal for IoT, storage and code applications