Enabling efficient power management for all your world changing applications

You have the vision – see it realized with efficient power management solutions from GF

Your customers expect their devices to last all day, even with heavy usage. Power management platforms from GF combine a comprehensive set of tech nodes and voltage ratings with modular architecture, so that you can be confident that our foundation IP and your customized design blocks are compatible across an entire platform. Our flexible power management platforms enable efficient designs while delivering leading Rdson, RonQg and voltage rating metrics.

Wide range of




Rugged and




Battery management

GF manufactures battery management technology for a wide range of applications focused on the automotive and consumer markets. Designed with precision resistors and capacitors, low leakage transistors and >85 V capabilities, GF’s battery management line offers rugged silicon solutions that can tolerate extreme operating environments. GF focuses on model accuracy so that customers can create high precision products with the best battery life.

  • BCD for rugged power management on electronic devices across a wide range of voltages
  • BCD for battery management systems
  • BCDLite® for smartphone power management applications

Vehicle comfort, safety and motor control

Designed to withstand extreme operating conditions, GF’s power management technologies are well-suited for the most advanced automotive applications. These solutions are Auto Grade 0 qualified with embedded non-volatile memory available.

  • BCD for auto motor control applications
  • BCD for in-vehicle DC-DC converter
  • BCD for on-board charging
  • BCDLite for in-vehicle automotive applications including LED lighting and handset wireless charging

Audio amplifiers

GF’s line of audio amplifier technology is designed with low noise transistors to deliver exceptional sound quality in power and area-efficient products. Featuring low Ron transistors, integrated passives, eFlash enablement and high-density logic for DSP integration, these GF technologies enable smaller solutions that conserve valuable board space.

  • BCDLite for consumer mobile applications and smartphones
  • BCDLite for speakers and sound systems

Sensor control & interface

With DSP integration, low noise transistor designs and MTP options, GF’s line of sensor control and interface technology is suited for a variety of market applications including automotive, mobile devices and IoT.

  • BCDLite for haptic touch applications
  • BCD and BCDLite offerings for current sensor applications
  • BCD for automotive sensing applications including exhaust sensor and fuel gauge