Boost RF performance, signal power and reliability

Launch your products into the wireless future with RF SOI technology from GF 

Your customers expect lightning-fast downloads and reliable connectivity anytime and anywhere. Deliver these expectations with the RF SOI technology that’s found in most smartphones on the market. GF collaborates with top RF design companies to provide industry-leading RF SOI technologies that are optimized to deliver low power, low noise and low latency for various radio frequency applications, while also delivering longer battery life and high signal quality.

GF chips found in

the majority of


Industry’s first

high-volume RF

SOI solution on

300mm wafers

Accurate RF

models for


Focused on RF FEM design

With a rich portfolio and a legacy in RF SOI development, GF is focused on addressing the challenges of RF front-end module design and supporting the performance customers need.

  • Production-proven modeling and PDK for excellent model-to-hardware correlation (MHC)
  • Low power and high flexibility with leading switch performance of Ron*Coff<60fs, and featuring LNA-optimized devices with a transmission frequency up to 112 GHz  
  • Improved power-handling capacity from an all-copper interconnect as well as dual-oxide and trap-rich substrate options 
  • Low noise figure with high linearity and power handling capacity for high RF receiver sensitivity and improved signal quality over a broad range 
  • Low voltage (<3.5V) standard cell libraries for minimized power consumption and extended battery life 

Connectivity with RF SOI

GF’s industry leading RF SOI offers energy-efficient, highly flexible solutions for high-growth, high-volume cellular and WiFi markets. Optimized for low power, low noise and low latency applications, GF enables longer battery life and longer range with higher cellular signal quality for users.  

  • Ideal for high-growth, high-volume cellular and WiFi market 
  • Leading switch and LNA performance for 4G, LTE, 5G sub-6GHz and WiFi applications 
  • Industry-leading noise isolation and harmonics suppression for high-quality, interference-free connections  
  • Multiple RF elements integrated into mmWave FEMs for superior transmission power 
  • First high-volume RF SOI foundry solution on 300mm wafers with billions of chips already shipped to industry-leading FEM IC companies  

PDK and IP for
first-time-right design  

Quickly and efficiently create optimized ICs with GF’s RF PDKs. GF offers superior MHC results with multiple reference design flows to help customers design complex IC products.

  • Design first-time-right products with proven and industry-leading RF PDKs 
  • Access to verified and silicon-proven IP with in-house and third-party design IP
  • Expertise in RF SW/LNA design for reliability and shorter time to market