GF’s industry-leading RF SOI technologies are utilized in high-growth, high-volume wireless and WiFi markets. They are optimized for low power, low noise and low latency/high-frequency applications that enable longer battery life for mobile applications and high cellular signal quality. Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology is widely chosen for cellular/WiFi RF front-end modules (FEMs) due to its low parasitic capacitance and excellent isolation from the substrate. These RF SOI technologies are found in most  cellular handsets from major manufacturers and in cellular ground station transceivers.

  • GF has 75% of silicon area in top premier smartphones in RF FE, Audio & NFC
  • Billions of chips already shipped to industry-leading FEM IC companies
  • First fully qualified high-volume RF SOI foundry solution on 300mm wafers
  • Excellent switch performance (Ron*Coff<110 fs) featuring LNA-optimized device with a transmission frequency up to 112 GHz, and dual oxide and trap rich substrate options
  • Low noise figure (LNA > 200) with high linearity and power handling capacity for high RF receiver sensitivity and improved signal quality over a broad range