Quality Management

GlobalFoundries is committed to delivering quality and reliability in all of our semiconductor solutions, working in close partnership with our customers to deliver a new era of more.

We are focused on meeting our customers’ specifications on quality and reliability. Our global team is dedicated continual improvement as we strive for a zero-excursion, zero-defect mission in all aspects of our manufacturing and operations. 

Customer First, Quality Always 

Our goal is to be the partner of choice for our customers, and we believe that consistently creating a better customer experience will drive value and mutual success. We are committed to reliability, accountability, and partnership with our customers, and to driving improvements by engaging with and listening carefully to our customers. 

Quality Policy 

Our quality policy defines the vision and mission of the GlobalFoundries the advance quality system. 

Our customers’ partner of choice

Our customers choose us because we are recognized as best-in-class. 

The zero excursion and zero defect mission 

Customer First, Quality Always 

We are committed to exceed our customers’ quality expectations through complete understanding of their requirements 

First Time Right 
We facilitate best-in-class execution through a skilled workforce, process methodology deployment and global best practice sharing 

Continual Improvement 
We drive for zero defects through the process maturity continuum of Correcting, Controlling, Improving, Preventing, Anticipating 



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