Aerospace, Defense and Critical Infrastructure

Secure, Trusted and Resilient Supply

As a global leader in secure semiconductor manufacturing, GlobalFoundries (GF) offers advanced, differentiated technologies for the aerospace, defense and critical infrastructure industries, with regional supply you can rely on.

GF is committed to safeguarding the aerospace, defense and critical infrastructure industries and advancing customers’ economic and national security needs by delivering assured supply of secure and reliable chips. Our mission is to provide unmatched security in every semiconductor we manufacture by mitigating risks and delivering on our commitments.

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The Technology Platforms You Need, Where You Need Them

GF is the most advanced accredited semiconductor supplier globally, capable of delivering secure chip manufacturing at scale. With operations in the United States, Europe and Asia, GF provides solutions worldwide, while meeting customer requirements for secure regional supply chains. As an accredited Trusted Foundry and Common Criteria certified supplier, GF employs the most stringent processes, equipment and oversight necessary to manufacture chips with the highest levels of security, ensuring secure and uncompromised delivery for critical end applications.

Differentiated Solutions

GF’s differentiated chip solutions provide optimized performance and reliability for aerospace, defense and critical infrastructure applications. GF drives innovation and enhances the security of chips used in crucial systems, including power grids and wireless communications to banking, hospitals and national security systems and satellites.

  • Vermont: Wafer size: 200mm Technology: RF, power and mixed signal
  • New York: Wafer size: 300mm Technology: RF, high performance systems-on-chip, mixed signal, advanced packaging and high bandwidth photonics communications
  • Dresden: Wafer size: 300mm Technology: High performance, mixed signal, low power, high voltage, embedded memory for secure transactions
  • Singapore: Wafer size: 300mm and 200mm Technology: High power, high voltage, low power and RF
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Trusted and Secure

GF plays a pivotal role in global security by manufacturing secure semiconductors that enhance the reliability and effectiveness of microelectronics, and mitigate the risks associated with counterfeit or untrusted microchips. With a proven track record spanning more than two decades, we maintain stringent processes, equipment, and oversight to ensure the secure production of sensitive chips. GF is an Accredited Supplier of the Trusted Foundry Program in the U.S., and our manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia regions hold Common Criteria accreditation. The U.S. Trusted Foundry Program is the strongest assurance to produce uncompromised chips for aerospace and defense systems, while the Common Criteria certification is an internationally recognized standard for the production of goods that require an extra level of security and integrity in the manufacturing process. These protections are further strengthened by GF’s industry-leading, comprehensive GF Shield security platform.