Home IoT

Secure, connected and energy‑efficient IoT solutions

Deliver the smart, secure devices the market demands with GF

Demand for smarter, connected home IoT devices continues to grow and with that demand comes the challenge of delivering increasingly complex IoT devices that meet performance and power efficiency needs. GF’s broad portfolio of home IoT solutions enables users to interact seamlessly and products to react intelligently while also providing the increased security they expect.





Secure and


Seamlessly connected

Bring convenience to customers’ homes with GF platforms for home IoT. With wireless communications that bridge between the real and digital worlds, GF’s technologies seamlessly connect person to machine and enable intuitive interaction.

  • Reliable, secure and power efficient communication solutions for SmartHome applications
  • Precision interface for higher resolution and clearer audio and images
  • Improved human-machine-interaction by bridging between physical and digital worlds to intuitively emulate the human senses

React intelligently

Develop connected, smart products that bring comfort to homes. From energy conservation to lifestyle optimization, GF enables technology that reacts intelligently to a variety of lifestyles with a broad portfolio of solutions.

  • Intelligent and secure digital solutions with embedded memory to bring ease and customization to homes through increased autonomy and capability
  • Integration of precision analog and energy-efficient digital with high endurance and low power memory for high performing Smart Home applications that maintain lower energy costs for consumers

Secure and resilient

From facial recognition to cloud storage, the convenience that’s now expected of consumer products has led to heightened awareness of data privacy and protection. With a broad technology portfolio, GF delivers end-to-end security to ensure user data is protected in Smart Home and mobile applications.

  • Enabled for latest cryptography algorithms consistent with NIST definition
  • Support the injection of certificates enabling the development of trusted products and solutions