Reliable technology for high‑power functionality

All the signal power and performance you’ve imagined, achieved through SiGe by GF 

The reliable, high-power signal functionality you need for your design, all on one chip. With more than four billion SiGe-based chips shipped, GF has the experience to help you build designs to achieve the speed, bandwidth and digital functionality your devices need. When you want to bring your innovations to life – reliably and powerfully – trust GF.

SiGe on

200mm wafers

Decades of

experience as

original SiGe


One of GF’s most



Reliable technology for high-power functionality 

As one of the only foundries manufacturing SiGe technology on 200 mm wafers, GF offers an integrated platform that meets modern technology demands for power, performance and reliability. 

  • Uniquely optimized for power amplifier applications, very high frequency optical and wireless networking applications, satellite communications and communications infrastructure 
  • PDKs leverage GF experts’ decades of experience as original developers and those who brought SiGe to high volume production 
  • Future-forward benefits including high power efficiency, low parasitics, high speed and bandwidth, and low noise, high frequency performance 
  • Achieves industry-leading power and performance, integrated RF and digital functionality on efficient silicon platforms 
  • Innovative, flexible, comprehensive design enablement with full suites of digital libraries and integration for complex mixed signal solutions 

SiGe PA for mobile infrastructure & RF performance

Meet SiGe PA, a family of silicon power amplifier platforms optimized for integration and performance in mobile and fixed RF applications.

  • SiGe PA successfully used in WiFi PAs for 10+ years with billions of devices shipped
  • Platforms 5PAe and 5PAx have highly linear designs for easy co-designing for combined value and performance for standalone WiFi and cellular PA applications
  • 1KW5PAe and 1KPAx are optimized for performance and integration as they can enable the implementation of PAs, RF switches, and LNAs on a single chip 
  • High resistivity substrate offerings enable integration of multiple RF functions on a single chip 

SiGe HP technology for optimal high-performance design 

With extensive digital and RF functionality backed by decades of experience, GF’s SiGe HP technologies address the emerging requirements for digital and RF applications.

  • mmWave enablement, superior low-noise and high-frequency performance, and advanced heterojunction bipolar transistor solves emerging requirements for RF and digital applications  
  • Complemented by end-to-end design enablement, prototyping services, RF network support and advanced manufacturing 
  • 9HP technology platform has the highest performance fT/fMAX and enables up to 50% more integration density than the 130nm SiGe HP options 
  • 130nm SiGe platforms offer balance between HBT performance, gate density and cost