BCD & BCDLite®

Flexible platforms for efficient power management

GF’s answer to your power management needs

Minimize charging time and deliver all day device usage to your customers with the BCD platforms from GF. Equipped with embedded memory options and automotive qualifications, the platforms offer power management solutions for a range of market applications, including automotive, smart mobile devices and IoT. High-performance and ultra-efficient, the BCD platforms provide performance and low power.


and resilient


across a wide

range of voltages


qualified and

memory options


GF offers a complete feature set of BCD technology for you to build innovative and efficient power management products for a wide range of applications.

  • Technology options ranging from 55 nm to 130 nm with 5V-85V capabilities and optimized RDS(on) at multiple voltage levels
  • Unique Deep Trench scheme enables robust isolation in bulk silicon substrates
  • Low TCR resistors in a range of sheet resistances (20 Ω/sq and 1 kΩ/sq)
  • Suitable for datacenter, consumer and automotive applications including select Auto Grade 0 and E-Flash options


BCDLite is GF’s specific line of BCD technology with improved efficiency and simpler manufacturing.

  • Unique and flexible architectures available in 55, 130 and 180 nm with Auto Grade 1 and E-Flash qualifications
  • Low power and high voltage LDMOS transistors available for 5V-65V technologies
  • Full suite of passive devices, including MIM/MOM capacitors, resistors, magnetic inductors and transformers
  • Hall sensors and low noise devices available