Industrial IoT

Security and reliability for present and future industrial applications

Bring forth Industry 4.0 with GF

From agriculture to manufacturing, intelligent connectivity and AI are leading the way in the world’s ongoing industrial digital transformation. GF offers a broad portfolio of secure, reliable and energy-efficient technologies that make this industrial IoT future possible.


Industry 4.0

Low latency


Security and


Industry 4.0 – driving intelligence to the edge

Industrial IoT applications are leading the way in the world’s ongoing digital transformation of human-machine interface and AI. GF offers a broad portfolio of performance, power and area-optimized solutions designed to help bring Industry 4.0 products to life; from factory automation to smart cities.

  • Efficient compute for deployment of intelligent solutions to the Edge
  • Flexible solutions with high-performing embedded NVM for increased autonomy, security and capability
  • Energy-efficient power conversion and delivery for industrial applications that are critical for Industry 4.0

Reliable and secure communications

The increasing intelligence of IoT and expansion of machine connectivity have introduced new threats to industrial wireless and data applications. Robust and power-efficient, GF’s portfolio of wireless technologies provide reliable and secure connectivity for the factory and grid.

  • Reliable and secure technologies for wireless communications that don’t sacrifice power or performance
  • Leading RF performance for power-efficient and reliable long-range connection
  • Low latency operation that enables critical applications with minimal delay times

Security and identification

As the world becomes accustomed to the convenience of applications including facial recognition, online banking and connected data storage, additional considerations must be given to ensure the security and privacy of users. Robust and reliable, GF’s portfolio of wireless and wired technologies ensures user protection with end-to-end security capabilities.

  • Secure authentication of end-products using a wide array of differentiated IPs
  • Over the air update of firmware during the product lifetime
  • Increased security in industrial compute & control and human-machine interface applications