Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already impacting consumers’ everyday lives, but industry will see even more dramatic affects.

From agriculture to manufacturing, industrial IoT applications, made possible by pervasive, intelligent connectivity—and enhanced by 5G deployments and AI at the edge—are leading the way in the world’s ongoing digital transformation.

GlobalFoundriesoffers designers a broad portfolio of performance, power and area-optimized solutions designed to help bring Industry 4.0 products to life: from industrial and security MCUs that leverage 22FDX® FD-SOI and 40 nm bulk CMOS solutions with eNVM, to 22FDX-based wireless connectivity solutions and power ASSPs built on GF BCDLite® solutions.


The industrial IoT (IIoT) infrastructure transformation that is making Industry 4.0 a reality relies heavily on microcontroller units (MCUs). These MCUs must deliver new levels of endpoint artificial intelligence (AI), processing efficiency, ultra-low power, security and reliability.

The  GF®portfolio of proven, flexible MCU solutions are automotive-grade qualified, ensuring robust reliability for a wide range of industrial applications, including motor control, process control, robotics, smart grid metering and monitoring. The portfolio offers designers a broad choice of area, performance and power-optimized solutions and enables them to leverage embedded memories, broad operating-temperature ranges, high-reliability and low mask-count options.


90% of firms

estimate that an hour of shop-floor downtime is worth as much as $300,000.

1 in 4

say that single hour could cost $1-5 million.*

*Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), May 16, 2019.

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Industrial MCUs using 22FDX® with eNVM

GlobalFoundries® (GF®) 22FDX® solutions, featuring low power, adaptive body bias, analog scaling and robust eNVM capabilities, enable integrated, area and power-optimized industrial MCUs. Solution options include eMRAM, low-cost charge trap technology (CTT) and CB-RAM embedded memory for faster TTM and wakeup times.

Pumped up, power-efficient performance
22FDX® offers best-in-class performance at the industry’s lowest operating voltage for bulk CMOS technologies (0.4 V) and 1 pA/µm for ultra-low standby leakage. It features an eMRAM NVM with >100x lower write power* that enables frequent, power-saving shutdowns to help designers extend battery life while boosting processing capability.

More function, in less space
22FDX® solutions enable designers to develop RF front-end modules (FEMs) with outstanding PA efficiency, LNA noise figure, and switch insertion loss benefits. These FEMs, baseband and eMRAM elements can be integrated into a single IIoT SoC that helps designers combine the features needed to meet goals, while significantly reducing overall area—and costs.

Design, made simple
The 22FDX® portfolio of silicon-proven, MCU-optimized IP, along with a broad range of services and solutions available through GF and the FDXcelerator™ partner program, can help designers reduce development time and have confidence in first-time-right results in hardware.

22FDX® MRAM features an outstanding 20-year data retention at 125°C.

GF’s 22FDX® platform has realized $4.5 billion in design wins, with more than 350 million chips shipped.

Industrial MCUs using 55LPX and 40LP with eNVM and 28SLP-ESF3

GF 55LPX and 40LP with eNVM and 28SLP-ESF3, built on bulk CMOS platforms, are optimized for a range of power-performance MCU applications, including automotive, baseband SoCs, mobile multimedia, digital TVs/STBs, IoT and industrial. The solutions enable designers to leverage logic, analog, RF, ULP SRAM/logic combinations, high-K metal gate technology and high reliability, along with on-board memory for faster wakeup times, reduced system cost and improved security:

  • 55LPx features high reliability (automotive-grade IP) and high-density, low-power SRAM
  • GF’s 40LP is the only 40 nm automotive grade 0 offering in the industry
  • 28SLP is optimized for power, performance and die cost, when flexible mixed-technology options for RF and ultra-low power are required
  • ESF3 eFlash adds robust quality and reliability, offering zero failure rates in harsh temperature conditions

High voltage? No problem.

High voltage? No problem.

55LPx solutions are excellent fits for analog and power devices operating at 30 V and beyond; it is optimized for integrated analog, power and mixed-signal applications such as PMICs for mobile devices, audio amplifiers and applications requiring dense digital, analog and power elements.

When power matter

40LP solutions are ideal for power-sensitive  mobile and wireless applications. They feature flexible mixed-technology options for RF and low voltage.

Less is more

28SLP solutions use up to 40% less power and 50% less area at significantly lower cost than comparable 40 nm technologies. Their ULP option can provide an additional 40% power savings.

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GF 55LPX and 40LP solutions are in high-volume production and feature world-class D0 (< 0.04 def/in2) defect density.

Power ASSPs

Industrial IoT is built on a foundation of power conversion and motor control. Robust, efficient power electronics are enabling future-ready factories.

Not all power MOSFETs fit the bill for these demanding industrial applications. Design engineers developing power ASSPs for process and motor control, communications infrastructure, CCTV security and traffic monitoring/signaling require unparalleled reliability and performance, even at high voltages. GF’s power ASSP solutions have the proven efficiency and reliability to meet these requirements.


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Power ASSPs using 55 nm BCDLite® and 130 nm BCD/BCDLite®

GlobalFoundries® (GF®) 55 nm BCDLite® and 130 nm BCD/BCDLite® solutions enable designers to harness low-power logic enabled by optimized, low-voltage CMOS. Included are low/medium/high/ very-high-voltage extended drain and laterally double-diffused MOSFET transistors, as well as precision analog passives and non-volatile memory, all enabling robust reliability, significant performance, and voltage-handling and cost benefits. The solutions feature best-in-class power FETs that enable smaller dies and improved power conversion efficiency.

Pack power into smaller packages
GF power FETs provide up to 50% reduction in on-resistance versus earlier GF BCDLite processes, enabling, for example, a 30% smaller die for a step-down buck switching regulator application where power FETs occupy ~60% of the die area.

Pack a performance punch
55 nm BCDLite offers best-in-class Rsp versus BVdss performance for maximum power efficiency and smaller solution size. This is combined with high-density logic that enables advanced integration and area-efficient designs.

High reliability, in high volume
55 nm BCDLite and 130 nm BCD/BCDLite solutions feature world-class defect density (< 0.04 def/in2) and are in high-volume production, enabling customers to meet market demand at the high reliability that today’s power management products demand.

GF high-voltage BCD power FETs (40 V, up to 85 V), deliver industry-leading performance.

GF was first to offer a 55 nm BCD solution (55 nm BCDLite), with shipments now topping 3 billion ICs.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless communications for industrial IoT hardware must deliver reliable connectivity with low latency to support the increasingly rigorous requirements in applications such as remote sensors with embedded artificial intelligence at the edge. 

The demands on this hardware keep growing as cellular (NB-IoT/LTE-M) and Wi-Fi connectivity continue to supplement or replace existing wired/Ethernet connections to further enable robotics, automation and intelligent connectivity applications in high-temperature, noisy manufacturing environments.


Wireless connectivity using 22FDX®

22FDX® from GFis the industry’s first and only 22 nm fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator solution. It delivers FinFET-like performance and smaller area, at a cost comparable to 28 nm bulk CMOS planar technologies. These benefits, paired with its combination of high-performance RF, high-density digital logic and reliable non-volatile memory  features—along with high-voltage transistors and ultra-low dynamic and leakage power—make 22FDX® solutions a perfect fit for industrial IoT applications. 

The isolated channel in 22FDX® reduces capacitance along with thermal and flicker (1/f) noise, enabling high-performance RF transceivers that can reliably receive data over longer distances in noisy industrial environments, without generating excess heat. Additionally, integrated high-voltage devices support high-efficiency RF power amplifiers and power conversion for ultra-reliable, power-efficient wireless connections.

Powerful & power-efficient
22FDX® adaptive body-bias enables high-density, high-performance digital elements for advanced features like AI at the edge, in a small footprint. Because it can operate at 500 MHz at an extremely low operating voltage (0.4 V Vdd) with < 1 pA/bit SRAM leakage current, 22FDX-based devices can run for years on small, inexpensive batteries, eliminating the need to add factory power cabling.

Memory that handles the heat
22FDX® MRAM endurance is 20 years at 125°C, well above the top end of the industrial -40 to 105°C standard. This versatile eMRAM technology is designed for code storage and offers customers proven, ultra-efficient embedded non-volatile memory for fast field updates, quick wakeup times and increased security, with faster time to market.

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22FDX® enables single-chip integration of high-performance analog, RF and battery PMIC elements with edge AI.

22FDX® can help designers maximize battery life by reducing power up to 70% compared to 28 nm bulk CMOS solutions.