University Network

University Network, formerly called the GF University Programs, partners with worldwide universities to drive innovation through R&D partnerships, talent acquisition opportunities and degree partnership programs.

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R&D Partnerships

  • Invited Speaker Series
  • Access of GF Technology
  • Collaboration Projects


  • Internship Opportunities
  • New College Graduate Employer of Choice
  • Top talent recruiting on campus

Education Partnerships

  • US: Degree partnership programs for employee continuing education
  • Industry Advisory Boards and curriculum development

Invited Speakers

The GlobalFoundries Invited Speakers Series allows University professors to showcase their research to a broad GlobalFoundries technical community.

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Access to GF Technology

GlobalFoundries works with many Channel Partners who support Universities.

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Collaboration Projects

GlobalFoundries of focused on collaborative projects providing:

– Innovative Solutions: Anticipating future markets and applications

– Unique Reference Designs: Demonstrating concept & feasibility

– Technology Development: Helping to support process and integration development

– Funding Opportunities: Leveraging public funding opportunities

We consider sponsoring limited research activities, through access to limited MPW space, with a focus on projects which highlight the value proposition of our technologies for various applications.

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University program partnerships 

**Submissions through this website is voluntary and does not provide any Intellectual Property rights or protections to the originator. GF will only use this information for the purposes or evaluating your submission/request and contacting the originator.