FinFET 12LP+

Reliable performance for demanding applications

Get the unique features you want with the high-performance you need with 12nm FinFET platforms from GF

You demand the best performance because you know that innovation never stands still. GF’s FinFET process technology is purpose-built for high-performance SoCs in demanding, high-volume applications for the automotive, consumer and industrial markets. Equipped with features for radio frequency, automotive qualification and low-power memory & logic, GF’s FinFET platform includes the advanced features you need without sacrificing the performance required by your design.

Reliable power

and performance

for demanding




consumer and



analog and RF


Reliable power and performance for demanding high-volume applications with the 12LP+ platform

A mature platform with over two million wafers shipped from GF’s advanced Fab in New York, 12nm FinFET technologies are equipped with the features and performance needed for demanding, high-volume applications.

  • 15% faster performance or 20% lower power compared to 12LP for logic circuitry
  • High performing transistors and new architecture elements optimize the performance, active power and passive power of logic designs, and deliver improved mismatch for better SRAM Vmin and low power
  • Low power and high performance at >1.5GHz for multi-core processing and low leakage at Tj 150°C
  • Wide set of device features available, including thin and thick oxide FETs and passive devices including advanced high density MIM capacitors

One platform for automotive, consumer, industrial and aerospace & defense applications

With better power and density than its predecessor, GF’s 12LP+ technology offers a one-stop solution for the high performance required by increasingly complex automotive, consumer, industrial and aerospace & defense applications.

  • Proven for the future of automotive design with intelligent zonal architecture and sophisticated auto processing with Auto G1 qualification and eNVM
  • Industry-leading features in automotive and industrial MCUs including AutoPro150, ultra-low leakage (ULL) and eMRAM
  • Reliable and trusted U.S.-based supply for automotive, consumer, industrial and aerospace & defense

Analog and RF capabilities for pervasive embedded intelligence

For RF transceivers, WiFi SoCs, data converters and voltage regulation, GF’s 12nm FinFET technology delivers the high performing analog and RF features that modern applications require.

  • Devices that are intrinsically well suited for RF and analog designs with advantages including high self-gain, high fT, low mismatch and low Ron-Qg
  • RF and analog design enablement for thin & thick oxide devices, LDMOS for integrated PA and I/O and passive devices such as integrated MIM capacitors and inductors
  • Enables the evolution of FinFET from digital to analog to deliver increased number of power rails, faster integrated voltage regulator (IVR) switching speeds and low Rdson-Qg