RF Network

Driven by the accelerated rollout of 5G-ready mobile devices and wireless network hardware, the next leap forward in pervasive connectivity is here. In an era of real-time hyper-connectivity, higher levels of innovation are necessary to support increasingly complex requirements and standards. The RF Network from GlobalFoundries, formerly called the RFwave Partner Program, enables customers to develop differentiated, RF-optimized solutions to take on these challenges and accelerate time to market. RF Network offers leverage to GF customers by providing access to GF’s industry-leading RF platforms and roadmap which include FDX™ RF, RF SOI, SiGe and RF CMOS (both mainstream planar and advanced FinFET offerings). The network also offers expertise in mmWave testing and characterization, RF-centric IP, EDA and design service solutions from GF. Partners of the RF Network enable designers to build innovative products across the growing spectrum of RF applications fueled by 5G rollouts, from AI to IoT.

Bring your innovations to reality with the RF Network.

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Meet our RF Network partners

  • mmWave silicon IP for backhaul, 5G, satellite communications and radar sensors
  • ASIC design services for wireless transceivers, radar radios, phased-array antennas, frequency synthesizers and analog front-ends
  • ANSYS multiphysics simulation enables chip-package-system (CPS) success in 7nm FinFET, RFIC and 22FDX in AI, 5G, automotive and HPC applications
  • Solve physically-coupled design challenges of power, thermal, variability, timing, electromagnetics and reliability across CPS
  • Silicon-validated analog/mixed-Signal IP
  • Design services including analog design, ASIC design, mask design, characterization, and full turnkey design and supply-chain management
  • Highly integrated IoT systems-on-chip comprising front ends, radios, mixed-signal, power management, PHY and modem
  • Turnkey best-in-class full-chip RFIC and modem design services for customers’ system solutions
  • Bruco Integrated Circuits is a fabless IC design center with a focus on Analog/Mixed Signal and RF.
  • We provide design services and turnkey solutions from early system specification to qualified silicon, designing LNAs and Switches in 7SW/8SW technologies.
  • Spectre® RF Option simulator with GLOBALFOUNDRIES SOI models for fast and accurate RF and noise analysis
  • Virtuoso® custom IC platform with GLOBALFOUNDRIES SOI for low noise integration of RF with mixed-signal designs
  • World-class radio/antenna advanced test and characterization facility, electromagnetic simulation and modeling from MHz to THz
  • Intelligent mmWave phased array/MIMO integrated circuit, module, antenna, system-in-package, IP and R&D
  • CoreHW is your one-stop custom ASIC solution partner
  • CoreHW competences cover RF systems; RFIC; analog, mixed signal and digital; RF front-end and antennas
  • WaveIntegrity™ is a comprehensive software suite that integrates seamlessly into any customer flow to tackle SLN during digital, analog or RF IP authoring and full system integration, from RTL to tape out
  • SiPEX™ accurately models interactions between devices, back-end-of-line, and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates enabling RF front end module designers to fully simulate layout and design changes with accuracy, speed and seamless design flow interoperability
GIGA Solution
  • A total RF, mmWave, digital and mixed-signal test solution provider, from test fixture design, test program development on ATE/ Bench and RF HTOL reliability test to production
  • Die processing service: Back grinding, laminate, laser mark, laser grooving, dicing, AOI, singulated wafer probing and T&R with six-side visual inspection
  • Characterization, simulations and modeling services for substrates, active and passive devices for analog and RF applications and MEMS, with a special focus on the FEM. Our services cover on-wafer and packaged components testing
  • Incize’s capabilities include small- and large-signal, wideband, nonlinear and noise behaviors, as well as harsh environment and radiation hardness applications
Keysight Technologies
  • RFwave-tailored circuit simulators with tight integration of 3D EM simulation technologies enabling co-simulation of chip level RF circuit blocks, multi-chip and multi-technology modules
  • An interoperable IC design platform
Lockheed Martin logo
  • Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company with 375+ facilities and 16,000 active suppliers, including suppliers in every U.S. state and more than 1,000 suppliers in over 50 countries outside the U.S
  • With a focus on the U.S. National Defense Strategy, LMCO is developing, innovating and integrating hypersonic capabilities that travel Mach 5 or more, directed energy that travels at the speed of light and autonomous systems used for a variety of military and commercial applications
  • High Frequency Measurement services up to 110 GHz and Device Modeling
  • Projects previously completed for GlobalFoundries include: Noise Characterization of Transistors up to 50 GHz and Noise, S-parameter and IP3 testing of 22nm FD-SOI LNAs over temp up to 40 GHz
Siemens Logo

Siemens is dedicated to helping companies engineer a smarter future faster. Siemens is committed to delivering the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of embedded software solutions as well as electronic design automation (EDA) software, hardware, and services. What’s more, Siemens is breaking down the barriers between electrical, mechanical and software design disciplines, between design and manufacturing, bridging virtual and physical design and manufacturing, enabling companies to more rapidly advance in their digital transformation and evolve from systems to market-leading ecosystems companies with the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

Spectral Design & Test
  • Differentiated memory IP solution targeted at ultra-low power designs, with a complete test and repair solution
  • SRAM/RF memory compilers for 45RFSOI process, quick turnaround on ROMs/CAMs/multi-port macros
  • PrimeSim SPICE simulator with GlobalFoundries SOI models for accurate and high-capacity RF/mmWave circuit analysis
  • Custom Compiler platform with GlobalFoundries SOI for analog mixed signal and RF/mmWave designs
  • IP customization services on silicon-proven microwave front-ends and synthesizers up to mmWave frequencies
  • World class transceiver designs for backhaul, 5G, 802.11.* and RADAR applications
  • Analog/RF IC EDA suite enabling fast passive modeling and simulation at advanced technology nodes
  • Integrated passive devices (IPD) solution enabling system miniaturization for RF front-end module designs