Driving innovation in the software defined future

Partner with GF for your automotive needs with future-ready automotive platforms and infrastructure    

The transition to Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs) brings ample opportunities for innovative functionalities – be future-ready for this transformation by making GF your automotive foundry of choice. With over 15 years of experience, GF has been a trusted provider of automotive solutions, offering a wide range of capabilities through our AutoPro™ platform.

GF’s AutoPro platform delivers an extensive array of technology solutions and manufacturing services, designed to minimize certification efforts and accelerate time-to-market for our automotive customers. By partnering with GF, you gain access to our advanced process technology, ensuring the necessary reliability and maturity for your projects. Our global footprint and resilient supply chain support your planning needs, while our deep technological expertise allows for co-development tailored to your specific requirements. Trust GF for your semiconductor needs and confidently navigate the SDV era.


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Smart sensors for autonomous & assisted driving without sacrificing passenger safety

Now more than ever, drivers rely on sensor enabled driver-assistance systems, such as blind-spot detection, collision warnings and Advanced Highway Pilot. GF technology enables an autonomous future with proven and reliable RADAR, LiDAR, camera and thermal sensor technology.  

  • mmWave RF/Optical performance for output power, noise figure and power efficiency
  • Digital performance, dynamic power, leakage and density
  • Automotive 0 qualification and reliability with ASIL certification
  • Reliable non-volatile memory (NVM) solutions  
  • High voltage and current drive capabilities

Auto processing for a fully connected driving experience

Microcontrollers are the heart of all automotive systems, from engine control to driver and passenger comfort. As cars advance, the architecture is becoming scalable – with one central controller replacing multiple microcontrollers at the edge. GF offers future-ready, automotive optimized technologies that deliver the performance and reliability required by these critical automotive systems.  

  • Technologies in production with 2 of top 3 Auto IDM and shipping to most large OEMs
  • Over-the-air update speed and efficiency for data and information delivery within the car and between car and cloud
  • Non-volatile memory, controller memory and data security with immunity to external fields
  • Automotive Grade 0 qualification and reliability
  • Digital performance, dynamic power, low leakage and density

Vehicle infrastructure for everything related to power inside a car

With cars essentially becoming a smart device on wheels, there is a massive explosion of superior user experience, safety, zero carbon emissions and connected features being built into the modern car. GF technology is optimized to support these new demands, including space-constrained power conversion efficiency and power density and high speed networking solutions for zonal E/E architectures.  

  • Power solutions for OBC, DC/DC and traction inverters with highest voltage capabilities of 120V
  • Analog solutions for BMS, power, management, sensors, motor drives, LED lighting and gate drivers
  • Low leakage and power consumption capabilities  
  • Networking solutions for intra-vehicle communications, including CAN, LIN, video, audio and ethernet