Communications Infrastructure & Datacenter

Future-proofing data movement

Preparing your customers for the future of ultra-fast and efficient data movement with electrons and photons

With the exponential growth of edge devices and data generation, the need for resilient and reliable datacenter communications and infrastructure is more crucial than ever. From remedying bandwidth constraints to maximizing storage, GF’s portfolio provides differentiated solutions in the market, including the revolutionary GF Fotonixtm platform. GF Fotonixtm silicon photonics solutions are driving the transition from electrons to photons to prepare you for the future of the datacenter.



design with

GF Fotonixtm

Reliable and proven

connectivity built on

decades of RF


Low latency, high

speed & reliability for

wireless & satellite

Moving data and supporting infrastructure with GF Fotonixtm

Grasp the future of electro-optical design with GF Fotonixtm silicon photonics solutions for higher bandwidth, faster connections and efficient edge-to-cloud performance.

  • High-bandwidth, low-power optical interconnects for leading-edge datacenter products
  • Avoid the reach limitations of copper cables while offering up to 8x the data rate, consuming less power and generating less heat
  • Address the increasing need for higher data rates with 5-10x greater power efficiency than long-range electrical interconnect, and supercharging fiber-optic communication networks while boosting reliability through minimized signal loss and degradation
  • High performance active photonic components and low loss passive components to support higher data rates with a highest data rate per fiber of 0.5Tbps/fiber

Wired, wireless & satellite – differentiated solutions for the market

GF has a broad technology portfolio to address the stress felt by data bandwidth and infrastructure. As unprecedented levels of data moving between the edge and datacenter continues to increase, GF’s analog capabilities are crucial for datacenter and infrastructure player’s needs.

  • High quality and reliable digital and analog solutions that support the bandwidth needs of the datacenter
  • Optical transceivers with GF Fotonixtm and WiSat platforms for faster fiber and connectivity speeds
  • GF Fotonixtm co-packaged optics for increased power efficiency
  • Maximized performance in less space and improved signal strength and range in SATCOM and wireless infrastructure
  • Enterprise networking solutions to enable reliable data transmission for higher bandwidth, faster connections, and efficient edge-to-cloud performance

Data storage in the datacenter

As the shift from electron to photon enables new levels of data bandwidth and connectivity, hyperscalers are looking for more efficient ways to store data in the datacenter. With a wide range of data-optimized technologies, GF has the portfolio hyperscalers need to meet data-efficiency demands.

  • Higher performance and throughputs to support the needs of wired infrastructure, network appliances and storage platforms
  • HDD accounting for majority of datacenter storage heavily reliant on GF differentiated SiGe technologies
  • Higher bandwidth, higher performance signal integrity achieved by GF differentiated SiGe technologies