Silicon Photonics

Grasp the future of electro-optical design

Future-proof your design potential with ultra-fast, ultra-efficient silicon photonics

Meet GF Fotonix™, a revolutionary new platform to help you innovate your designs for success at the speed and bandwidth your customers expect. With this Electro-Optical Process Design Kit, you can supercharge your fiber-optic communication networks for higher reliability and improved efficiency no matter how the data landscape evolves. Discover the difference in GF Fotonix, innovative silicon photonics technology.

A perfect


A new era of


GF Fotonix


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A perfect storm

Transporting the enormous volumes of data within and between data centers fuels the insatiable need for more bandwidth. To address this bandwidth demand, there is a growing need for high-speed communications systems that are also power efficient.

Delivering a new era of data of silicon photonics

Billions of connected, intelligent devices and increased data center power consumption are driving the need for innovative solutions to move more data faster and more efficiently. As a result, moving from electrons to photons is now an essential technical disruption.

  • Address the increasing need for higher data rates with 5-10x greater power efficiency than long-range electrical interconnect, and supercharging fiber-optic communication networks while boosting reliability through minimized signal loss and degradation
  • High performance active photonic components and low loss passive components to support higher data rates with a highest data rate per fiber of 0.5Tbps/fiber
  • High-bandwidth, low-power optical interconnects for leading-edge data center products
  • Avoid the reach limitations of copper cables while offering up to 8x the data rate, consuming less power and generating less heat

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Silicon photonics based networks

Conventional copper wire connections are becoming prohibitive from power consumption, data rate, and bandwidth perspectives. GF silicon photonics platform addresses the increasing need for data centers to handle ever-higher data rates and volumes with greater power efficiency.

  • Advantages of photons include no crosstalk, temperature resiliency and quantum information capabilities
  • Integrated photonic components with high performance CMOS logic and RF to enable monolithic electrical and optical computing
  • Combine photonics and electronics for next-generation computing platforms suitable for purpose-built AI
  • Deliver compute that is faster and more efficient for results that are not possible with conventional chips
  • Leverage GF Fotonix SiPh platform for advanced tooling with industry-leading manufacturing and rigorous process controls for reliability

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GF Fotonix features

GF’s silicon photonics portfolio addresses the increasing need for higher data rates with greater power efficiency, supercharging fiber-optic communication networks while minimizing signal loss and degradation.

  • Monolithic electro-optical integration of high-performance CMOS, RF and photonic components on the same chip
  • Comprehensive high-performance state of the art libraries and PDKs to support the co-design of RF CMOS and photonics
  • High level integration onto a PIC and innovative packaging solutions including passive attachment of larger fiber arrays, support for 2.5D packaging and on-die integrated lasers
  • Supply confidence with the industry’s only high-volume 300mm CMOS manufacturing foundry for silicon photonics