Manufacturing Services

Beyond wafer services

Leap from the starting line into a powerful finish when you partner with GF

Every product starts from an idea, and you deserve a manufacturing partner that knows how to support you as you see it through. GF Manufacturing Services is a network designed to seamlessly get you from chip design to wafer fabrication to final assembly and test. With the advantages of a global footprint and a leading reputation in semiconductor manufacturing and testing, GF makes it easier for you to follow through on process so you can create the most effective product for your customers. Wherever your idea is headed, let GF help you get it to the finish line.

25+ years of


RF testing


Global manufacturing

footprint across the

U.S., Europe & Asia

Top partners all over the world

Located worldwide, GF’s OSAT partners have been vetted and approved by GF so our customers can be confident in their products, from beginning to end.

  • Gigasolutions
  • Amkor
  • ASE
  • POWERTech Inc.
  • Matek

A world-class test solutions provider  

A leader in complex testing, GF has developed over 600 test solutions that provide customers with the reliability assurance they need at every stage of production.  

  • Extensive RF testing solutions
  • High and low temperature test capabilities
  • Analog and digital TxRx testing
  • Memory testing including eNVM
  • High speed interface test capabilities
  • High voltage and high current testing 
  • ATE test programs

Wafer services

As a part of a full turnkey offering, GF offers Bump, Wafer Level Package and Probe capabilities, complemented by OSAT partnerships, to provide a one-stop-shop for customers’ wafer needs. Creating a reliable and high-quality path to production, GF streamlines manufacturing so customers can realize their designs quicker.

  • Bump offerings for 200mm and 300mm, including SnAg bump, copper pillar and WLCSP
  • Wafer sort with Known-Good-Die methodology
  • Backside grind, wafer sort and bake, dicing, marking and binning services available

Module services

Comprehensive, reliable and supported by OSAT partners, GF’s Module services convert the manufactured wafer into a customized product with flexible packaging options.

  • Industry standard packaging including scan bake tape
  • Package and assembly capability complemented by GF trusted OSAT partners
  • Test offerings: Complex RF tests, burn-in testing for early signs of failure and module final testing for pre-board certainty

Engineering services

From design to product packaging and testing needs, GF’s engineering services go beyond standard manufacturing practices to deliver the solutions that enable unique ideas to become reality. For questions of design feasibility, connectivity enablement and package resilience, GF has the experience and partnerships to address the specific questions customers need answered.

  • Work with GF partners to perfect your design for manufacturing with GF’s design services
  • Package engineering services, including electrical analysis, thermal analysis and mechanical analysis
  • Wide range of reliability stress services to meet client qualification needs consistent with JEDEC, Mil-std and AEC specifications
  • Engineering and debugging services available for all GF tests in production, including customer written test programs
  • Test offerings: Choose from a range of test solutions including extensive state-of-the-art RF, analog and digital testing solutions backed by 22 years of high frequency mmWave test experience