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The GF Partner Community brings networks of high-growth companies together in the spirit of collaboration to charge up the future of Automotive, Industrial and Consumer IoT, Data Center, Networking, Mobility (including Audio & Display drivers), Wired Infrastructure and SatCom. Channel the support and expertise of GF and our partners to let your innovations take flight.

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Our Community

As part of the GF Partner Community, our partners work alongside a large, diversified customer base to pursue their innovations and conquer their challenges.  

The GF Partner Community includes specialized FDX and RF, IP, EDA, Design Services and OSAT Networks. In addition, the community also includes Channel Partner and Academic networks.  

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GF Partner Community

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GlobalSolutions Ecosystem

The GlobalSolutions Ecosystem offers application-optimized services and solutions from a global network of partners, which have been validated on GF silicon process technologies to ensure they meet the highest standards. 


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Meet Your Needs

Gain unimpeded access to trusted technology sources. The GlobalSolutions Ecosystem simplifies the development of differentiated hardware by empowering customers and partners to leverage application-optimized GF SiGe, SiPh, RF-SOI, FDX™, FinFET, BCD, BCDLite®, SiGe, and CMOS technology platforms and provides in-house resources while giving designers access to a broad portfolio of market-aligned partner solutions.  

Meet all your silicon needs with existing IP blocks and high-quality EDA solutions to expedite time-to-market at reduced cost. Power up the building blocks of technologies with GF and our partners.  

FDX™ Network

The FDX Network facilitates 22FDX® system-on-chip (SoC) design and enables designers to accelerate time to market through cost-effective, differentiated semiconductor chips that harness the unique power-saving, body-biasing and adaptive body-biasing features of the GF® 22FDX™ solutions (built on 22 nm FD-SOI process technology).


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Spark Creativity

With GF’s FDX Network solutions, customers can build innovative 22FDX SoC solutions with faster migration to FD-SOI from bulk nodes such as 40nm and 28nm.  

Spark your creativity, build innovative solutions and penetrate high-growth markets with GF’s optimized FDX resources.  

RF Network

The RF Network is an ecosystem of companies who have teamed up with GF to enable customers and partners to develop simplified, feature-rich and RF-optimized solutions and to leverage the industry-leading RF platforms and roadmaps to satisfy increasingly demanding requirements, standards and consumer expectations in 5G, mobile, automotive RADAR, small cell/fixed wireless, mmWave backhaul and satellite broadband communication applications.  


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Innovative Solutions

Catalyze the development of innovative solutions with GF’s RF Network to rise above the challenges of adapting to the accelerated rollout of 5G and wireless network infrastructure, bringing your inventive designs to market early. 

Channel Partner Network

The Channel Partner Network fosters unwavering partnerships among industry-leading innovators that span the globe. 


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Tailored Services

Draw on services that are tailored to suit the needs of your supply chain, invite the deep expertise of GF’s key channel partners, utilize GF’s robust turnkey services to accelerate time to market and unlock the full potential of GF technology. 

Put your products in the hands of those who need them faster and bring your visions to reality with GF’s global manufacturing footprint. 

University Network

GF partners with worldwide universities in our University Network to drive innovation through R&D partnerships, talent acquisition opportunities and degree partnership programs. 


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Get in Touch

University Network, formerly called the GF University Programs, partners with worldwide universities to drive innovation through R&D partnerships, talent acquisition opportunities and degree partnership programs.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the GF Partner Community