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GF's Channel Partner Network enables you to easily connect and collaborate with our worldwide group of key channel partners. 

Our partners will help to bring your visions into reality, provide turnkey services, and/or offer specific services to address the needs of your supply chain, helping you unlock the full potential of our technology through your products to reach those who need them faster. The turnkey services offered by our channel partners range from front/back end design to packaging, bump & test, and pre/post silicon testing, making the Channel Partner Network a one-stop shop to fulfill all your design, testing and manufacturing needs.

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Our Partners


Founded in 2002,VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd. ("VeriSilicon") is a fast growing IC (integrated circuit) design foundry providing custom silicon solutions and SoC turnkey services. VeriSilicon has an extensive track record of accelerating customer designs from initial specification to silicon, achieving first silicon success—on time and on spec—and taking customer silicon through volume production, utilizing its partner network of leading wafer foundries and assembly and test companies in Asia Pacific. In addition to its flexible engagement model, superior supply chain management, and strong service culture, VeriSilicon's market leading licensable digital signal processing (ZSP)cores and Star IP based SoC platforms, along with value-added mixed signal IP portfolio, are the key differentiators for its success in a broad range of application markets, including multimedia, voice and wireless communications. VeriSilicon's global customer base of market leading multinationals and fabless start-up companies benefit from shorter development cycles, reduced cost of ownership, and economies of scale.

VeriSilicon currently has research and development centers in Santa Clara, California, and Dallas, Texas; Shanghai and Beijing, China; with sales and customer support offices in Nice, France; Santa Clara, US; Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, China; Tokyo, Japan; Taipei, Taiwan; and Seoul, Korea.


CMC Microsystems has more than 30 years’ experience in delivering multi-project wafer services across a range of technologies, including advanced microelectronics, photonics and MEMS. Based in Canada, CMC reduces barriers to technology adoption by providing access to design tools, prototyping, value-added packaging & assembly services and in-house expertise for first-time-right prototypes. Through its CAD, FAB and LAB platforms and services, CMC enables more than 10,000 academic participants and 1,000 companies from Canada and around the world to develop innovations in micro-nanotechnologies—taking an idea from concept through to a manufacturable prototype. CMC also offers options for dedicated engineering runs and full production wafers in GF technology solutions. Visit Website

INVECAS is founded by semiconductor industry visionaries to address the unique challenges encountered in deep sub-micron technologies. INVECAS brings together the High Speed Analog IP, Foundation IP, ASIC design and Embedded Software expertise under one roof to provide complete ASIC solutions for emerging Compute, Communication, Mobile and Embedded markets. INVECAS is also investing in developing in-house advanced CAD flows and design methodologies for Analog and Digital with leading EDA tool vendors to optimize Power, Performance and Area goals of the respective market segments.

INVECAS delivers its ASIC solutions through offices in Santa Clara, CA and Burlington, VT in USA and Hyderabad, Bengaluru in India.

INVECAS has forged a Foundry partnership with GF to bring world class manufacturing support for its customers worldwide.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, conducts world-class research on microelectronic and IT system solutions and services. Today, it is the largest institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

With more than 30 years of experience in professional IC-Design, Fraunhofer IIS is development partner for customized solutions.

Focus is on mixed-signal ASIC and SoC design for industrial, communication, consumer and automotive applications as well as on integrated solutions for increasingly complex electronic systems.

The scientists in the Division Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS, located in Dresden, work on adaptive and robust technological solutions in a broad range of applications such as mobility and industrial automation. Major aspects of their work are the design of reliable microchips and complex electronic systems in leading-edge semiconductor technologies as well as the corresponding design methods.

Fraunhofer IIS is channel partner of GLOBALFOUNDRIES providing turnkey solutions for processes from 130 nm down to 22 FDX®.

Presto Engineering is the recognized expert in ASIC development and semiconductor services, helping innovative companies imagine and implement solutions for tomorrow in high-value markets such as Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Communication.

With 150 talented experts and 10 operations across Europe, North America and Asia, Presto has developed unique expertise in managing IC projects, covering the entire value chain from concept to volume production. Presto enables companies to incorporate proprietary microelectronic solutions into their products while minimizing overhead, reducing risk and accelerating time-to-market.

Presto turns ideas into reality with its ASIC Total Solution package, covering everything from the feasibility study to component delivery. Customers can take advantage of Presto’s proof-of-concept capabilities (demonstration board and design kits) to validate their envision technology and confirm its business model.

Leveraging a comprehensive internal IP portfolio, Presto works with a network of highly-qualified foundry partners, alongside its customer, to design the ASIC fitted for their specific application requirements. Presto’s package engineers and experts will design the best package for each customer’s product, based on their chip-to-package co-design framework. Presto’s partnerships with industry-leading EDA and OSAT companies provide a wide portfolio of solutions at a competitive cost, from mid-to-large capacity, and with a high level of quality. Presto’s semiconductor services also include volume production after a comprehensive industrialization process.

With 5 complete state-of-the-art test floors and internal reliability and failure analysis labs—representing more than 50M€ of equipment investment—Presto provides a full range of semiconductor services that cover all aspects of test, qualification, and ramp through volume production. Its experts have deep expertise in digital, analog, mixed-signal, RF, and millimeter-wave applications. Presto has earned a long, successful track record of qualifying new devices, including for the highly demanding automotive market.

For each customer, Presto’s services are seamlessly developed using the SQuP development process and proprietary OCEAN web-based platform.

Built over decades of experience producing and shipping hundreds of millions of semiconductor units, Presto operates a global, flexible, and dedicated supply chain system, supported in Asia with two test floors and integrated local teams of experts. With this infrastructure in place, Presto can ramp products locally, safely, and securely in Europe and move manufacturing to Asia when volume warrants it. Presto’s US facility is strategically located at the heart of Silicon Valley, in San José, while its Danish R&D center is in Copenhagen, in the middle of the Medical Valley.

Since 2006, Presto Engineering has earned a reputation as the Trusted Partner by more than 1,000 customers who selected Presto to design, industrialize and produce their ICs. Presto has helped its customers launch smarter and safer products, improving its customers’ profitability as well as the world we live in.



JFE Shoji Electronics Corporation is recognized as the first official Channel Partner of the world class foundry, GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc in Japan. We have been supporting not only sales & logistics but also production development, and have contributed more than 400 production tape outs through our technical consultation.

Shinden Hightex provides foundry technology solutions with technical expertise as a value-added partner, for wide-ranged applications such as custom logic, analog/mixed signals, and silicon photonics.

Shinden Hightex offers various levels of design services as a one-stop-shop by managing ecosystem partners, including packaging, testing, front-end and back-end design, up to full turnkey service.

Hakuto is creating a prosperous future as a trading company specializing in electronics, as a technology trading company that provides technical services, and as an international trading company that connects the world widely.

Especially in the RF Technology and optical communication markets, Hakuto has a wealth of experience in supporting products for communication base stations, and has an affinity with the process technology of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES' rich experience and technology combine with our customers' expertise to enable further innovation and competitiveness in the market.


Dr. Wayne Wei-Ming DaiWe have been collaborating with GlobalFoundries for many years to bring our global clients with GF’s diversified process technologies along with our rich IP portfolio and turnkey engineering services capabilities. This extended partnership will enhance our ability to bring comprehensive foundry and ASIC solutions to a broad range of customers.

Dr. Wayne Wei-Ming Dai, Chairman, President and CEO, VeriSilicon

“We have been collaborating with GlobalFoundries for many years in Europe and North America. GF’s excellent support and diversified technology portfolio have helped us provide our customers with improved service and shortened time-to-market. This extended partnership will enhance our ability to bring comprehensive foundry and ASIC solutions to a broader range of customers.”

Michel Villemain, CEO, Presto Engineering

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