IMS 2023

IMS is dedicated to all things microwaves and RF, including numerous sessions focused on GF technologies and solutions, developed under GF Labs.

IMSTu3E-622FDXWeigel, IssakovFAU Erlangen-Nurnberg
Technische Univ Branschweig
A 21Gb/s Arbitrary Binary Sequence Generator for PMCW Radar Based on a TSPC Serializer in 22nm FDSOI1528
IMSTu1E-4SiGeCresslerGeorgia TechA V-Band LC-VCO and Doubler with Wide Tuning Range and Low Phase Noise Using Series-Shunt Anti-Parallel SiGe HBT Switches1335
IMSWSF-6SiGeBardinUMass AmherstSiGe and CMOS Cryogenic Amplifiers for Superconducting Qubit Readout73
IMSIF2-16SiGeSenguptaPrinceton UnivA 30–88GHz Phase Shifter with Broadband 90° Hybrid Marchand Balun Network and Common-Base Buffer Achieving 1.34–3.1° RMS Phase Error in 90nm SiGe1776
IMSWe1B-445nm Jose Luis Gonzalez-JimenezCEA-LETIA 28dBm-EIRP Low-Profile D-Band Transmitting Module with a Folded Transmitarray Antenna334
IMSTu3A-345nm  Carleton Univ; IIT JodhpurEfficient Estimation of Stochastic Power Supply Noise Induced Jitter in CMOS Inverters via Knowledge-Based Neural Networks262
IMSWSE-5:22FDXGF AuthorsGF22FDX Platform and Features Optimized for Demanding RF Applications Ranging from WiFi Connectivity and mm-Wave Cellular to Auto Radar30
RFICRTu3C-122FDXLorenzo TomasinUniversità di PadovaA Reactive Passive Mixer for 16-QAM Cartesian IoT Transmitters in 22nm FD-SOI CMOS1210
RFICRTu3B-245RFSOIWooram LeePenn State UniversityA D-Band Calibration-Free Passive 360° Phase Shifter with 1.2° RMS Phase Error in 45nm RFSOI939
RFICRTu3B-322FDXTaiyun ChiRice University / SamsungA 140GHz RF Beamforming Phased-Array Receiver Supporting >20dB IRR with 8GHz Channel Bandwidth at Low IF in 22nm FDSOI CMOS940
RFICRMo3B-122FDXKamran EntesariTexas A&MA mm-Wave Wideband/Reconfigurable LNA Using a 3-Winding Transformer Load in 22-nm CMOS FDSOI903
RFICRMo3B-58HP/XPUllrich PfeifferUniversität WuppertalA D-Band to J-Band Low-Noise Amplifier with High Gain-Bandwidth Product in an Advanced 130nm SiGe BiCMOS Technology907
RFICRTu4C-322FDXShafi SyedGF22 FDSOI Technology Solutions for 5G mmWave1216
RFICRTu1A-345RFSOIVadim IssakovTechnische Univ. BraunschweigA 4.4mW Inductorless 2–20GHz Single-Ended to Differential Frequency Doubler in 45nm RFSOI CMOS Technology927
RFICRTu1A-49HPAydin BabakhaniUCLAAn Efficient 0.4THz Radiator with 20.6dBm EIRP and 0.2% DC-to-THz Efficiency in 90nm SiGe BiCMOS928
RFICRMo1A-145SPCLOJames F. BuckwalterUCSBA 112-Gbps, 0.73-pJ/Bit Fully-Integrated O-Band I-Q Optical Receiver in a 45-nm CMOS SOI-Photonic Process870
RFICRMo2C-345RFSOIAlexandre SiligarisCEA-LETIA 57.6Gb/s Wireless Link Based on 26.4dBm EIRP D-Band Transmitter Module and a Channel Bonding Chipset on CMOS 45nm894
RFICRMo4C-145RFSOIHua WangETH ZürichA 26–40GHz 4-Way Hybrid Parallel-Series Role-Exchange Doherty PA with Broadband Deep Power Back-Off Efficiency Enhancement921
RFICRMo4A-145RFSOIJesse MoodySandia National LaboratoriesA Double Balanced Frequency Doubler Achieving 70% Drain Efficiency and 25% Total Efficiency913
IMSWSC-345RFSOIJose Luis Gonzalez-JimenezCEA-LETIA Channel Aggregation Architecture TX-RX in D-Band with 84Gbps Data-Rate in RFSOI Process56
RFICRMo2C-245RFSOIAmr AhmedUCSDA 140GHz Scalable On-Grid 8×8-Element Transmit-Receive Phased-Array with Up/Down Converters and 64QAM/24Gbps Data Rates 
RFICRTu2B-245RFSOIMohammadreza AbbasiPennsylvania State UnivA D-Band Calibration-Free Passive 360° Phase Shifter with 1.2° RMS Phase Error in 45nm RFSOI