Social Impact

Creating Positive Social Impact for our Communities and World  

Nothing is more important to GF than the safety and well-being of our worldwide team, their families and communities. Just as our feature-rich semiconductor chips enable technological innovation, as a company we aim to be a catalyst for driving positive social impact at home and around the world. 


$1.2 million

donations in 2021 to support our communities around the world


Individual charities supported in 2021


in employee giving in 2021


GlobalGives is our worldwide program of both employee- and company-driven initiatives around philanthropy, giving, social justice, disaster relief, environmental protection, and promoting STEM education.  

Social Justice 

We believe in social justice and equity for all. GF is speaking out on societal issues that affect racial justice and equity. We continue to sponsor a Social Justice & Equity campaign, donating money to nonprofits which fight systemic racism and help advance the cause of racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society.

Disaster Relief 

To be a catalyst for positive impact, our GlobalGives program is quick to action in supporting communities in need. In 2021, GF launched numerous disaster relief campaigns, bringing aid to victims of flooding in western Europe, earthquakes in Haiti, and tornadoes in the U.S.


The global COVID-19 pandemic crisis has affected our families, friends, communities and workplaces. Recognizing the need to pull together and help, GlobalFoundries donated more than $1 million to support regional nonprofits in the areas where our manufacturing facilities and offices are located to support programs focused on disaster relief, health, education, and community development. 

Dresden Ambulance

STEM Education 

We are committed to supporting STEM education and empowering and inspiring young people with a focus on girls and underrepresented minorities, to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We partner with communities, school districts, and nonprofit organizations to offer experiential learning opportunities for students and teachers, infuse curriculums and programming with STEM topics, and mentor promising students.  Read the full report.

Our Fab 1 team in Dresden support “Youth in Science” and “Student Experiments” regional competitions in Saxony, which encourage young people with scientific and creative talents to put their ideas into practice. 

Our Fab 8 and Fab 10 teams in New York and Fab 9 team in Vermont host the GlobalGirls annual STEM summer camp for middle-school girls, to inspire the next generation of female science and technology leaders. 

Employee Health and Safety 

We believe all workplace injuries are preventable, and that together with our employees we can create a culture where the expectation of zero injuries and incidents is the norm. Read the full report.

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Corporate Responsibility

Innovation, responsibility and accountability are fundamental to who we are as a company.

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Environmental sustainability is imperative. Our goal is for green thinking to inform every aspect of our business.

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Technology Solutions for Humankind

GlobalFoundries technology solutions enable a more sustainable, efficient, and healthier world.

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Supply Chain

Prioritizing supply chain responsibility, resiliency, and security.

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Corporate Responsibility Report and other resources.

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