GlobalFoundries Technology Solutions Enable a More Sustainable, Efficient, and Healthier World 

Technology Solutions for Humankind

GF manufactures essential chips that are pervasive in our lives and vital to the innovations that are leading to a more sustainable and healthier future. 


We make chips that matter  

GF’s semiconductor solutions offer compelling advantages for our customers and to society at large. 

Aligned with our vision of changing the industry that is changing the world, GF’s high performance and energy efficient technology solutions enable the strategies critical to tackling the most important challenges facing humanity, including climate change and the sustainable use of resources. 

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Accelerating Innovation 

GF technologies, services and manufacturing scale give customers the power to shape their market. We have put in place strategic collaborations with customers in virtually every area of clean technology, from smartphones and wireless infrastructure, to electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging infrastructure, to power grids and solar energy, and in many other computing, networking, industrial and consumer applications. 

Within each of the high-growth markets we target, these collaborations enable our customers to create innovative solutions addressing the world’s most important technological challenges in ways that benefit individuals, society, and the planet.  

Smart Mobile Devices 

Wireless technologies are key to the way we live, and GF’s technology solutions enable more energy-efficient, higher-performance mobile networks that bring people together around the world. With cellular handsets becoming truly omnipresent throughout the world, GF delivers several key technologies that allow for more efficient, com - pact and higher performance mobile devices, enhancing the user experience while minimizing power consumption. GF’s solutions are also unlocking the vast potential of 5G and future 6G wireless communication networks to meet climate, energy and social goals. 

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Our semiconductor technology enables our automotive customers to support the growing electric vehicle market, design vehicles that are safer and improve overall efficiency. From the advanced radars required for assisted driving and autonomous vehicles, to connectivity, to boosting the range and efficiency of hybrid and electric vehicles, our chips are helping shape a greener tomorrow.  

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Communications Infrastructure and Datacenter 

GlobalFoundries is the industry leader in next-generation silicon photonics technology, which uses light rather than electric signals to carry information. Enabling faster connections and higher capacity, our GF Fotonix platform is positioned to play a critical role in significantly reducing the currently unsustainable growth of electricity required to power data centers around the world. We are committed to “flattening the energy curve” and getting data centers on the path to sustainability. 

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Internet of Things 

From smart speakers and home appliances to wearable health monitors and immersive virtual reality headsets, the demand for – and reliance on – smarter, feature-rich connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices continues to grow. Our high-performance, ultra-low-power chips are enabling customers to develop and bring to market increasingly complex IoT devices that are more energy-efficient and can run longer between charging.  

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Product Quality 

Our robust Quality Management System ensures our semiconductor technology solutions meet or exceed customer specifications on quality and reliability, for all industries and markets. Our team is dedicated to a zero excursion, zero defect mission in all aspects of our product realization and manufacturing processes. 

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