Supply Chain

Prioritizing Supply Chain Responsibility, Resiliency, and Security

GF operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, and Singapore, providing the scale, technology differentiation and geographic diversification that we believe are critically important to our customers’ success. Our scaled footprint across three continents also gives us the flexibility and agility to meet the dynamic needs of our customers around the globe, help them mitigate geopolitical risk, and provide greater supply chain certainty.



maintain a 100% conflict-free supply chain for 3TG and achieve it for cobalt by 2025

3 continents

Manufacturing facility locations

Global Footprint and Geostrategic Supply 

With manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, and Singapore, our global footprint ensures capacity is strategically distributed for supply chain security, stability and reliability.


GF SHIELD is GF’s comprehensive, companywide platform to safeguard and protect our customers’ intellectual property and products. The GF SHIELD platform leverages and embraces GF’s experience as a Trusted Foundry and supplier of advanced semiconductors to the U.S. government and the aerospace and defense industry, as well as GF’s experience as a certified international Common Criteria standard (ISO 15408, CC Version 3.1) manufacturer, and applies a level of those stringent security capabilities to GF commercial customers. GlobalFoundries is a “Trusted Foundry” for U.S. Government and holds similar designations in Singapore and Germany. Read the full report.

Responsible Sourcing 

As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), GlobalFoundries is committed to responsible sourcing practices. To drive resiliency and positive impact in our supply chain and throughout the industry, we hold our suppliers accountable for quality, reliability, environmental responsibility, human rights, fair labor practices, safety, and emergency preparedness.

Read our Global Human Rights Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct. Read the full report.

Responsible Minerals Sourcing  

High-purity materials derived from minerals are widely used throughout the electronics and semiconductor industries, including by GlobalFoundries and our suppliers. We are committed to sourcing these materials in the most responsible way. As a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative, we partner with suppliers and take action to ensure “3TG” minerals (gold, tungsten, tantalum and tin) in our supply chain are conflict-free. 

Read our Conflict Minerals Policy or Read the full report.

Disclosure on Conflict Minerals

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Corporate Responsibility

Innovation, responsibility and accountability are fundamental to who we are as a company.

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Environmental sustainability is imperative. Our goal is for green thinking to inform every aspect of our business.

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Social Impact

Nothing is more important to GF than the safety and well-being of our worldwide team, their families and communities.

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Technology Solutions for Humankind

GlobalFoundries technology solutions enable a more sustainable, efficient, and healthier world.

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Corporate Responsibility Report and other resources.

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