Wi-Fi 5 provides consumers with a true wired complement, helping address the relentless need for more speed and enabling user-pleasing experiences like buffer-free, high-definition video streaming.

Wi-Fi FEMs

Wi-Fi 6 and 6E are poised to take these advances to new levels, complementing the advantages 5G brings to outdoor networks by delivering superfast performance for increasingly congested indoor networks. This next evolution of Wi-Fi will provide lower latency, longer battery life and higher data throughput for even better user experiences—benefits that get supercharged with the rollout of Wi-Fi 7 later this decade and that make choosing the right semiconductor solution more critical.

Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7 rollouts will provide ever faster, worry-free wireless access and enhanced user experiences, but those benefits come with increasingly rigorous FEM performance specifications, particularly those related to non-linearity. Meeting—and beating—those requirements means making the right semiconductor choices. GlobalFoundrieshas you covered with differentiated Wi-Fi solutions.

3x faster

Wi-Fi speeds from mobile devices
will triple by 2023, to > 90 Mbps *

4x throughput

Wi-Fi 6 will improve throughput per user by 4x in dense environments*

* Cisco Annual Internet Report (2018–2023), March 2020

Integrated Wi-Fi FEMs with performance-optimized PA using 130RFSOI

130RFSOI balances integration, area, performance and value for integrated Wi-Fi FEM applications in smartphones, tablets and wireless access points.


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130RFSOI  features an innovative EDNMOS device that delivers outstanding power amplifier (PA) performance, complemented by high power handling (Pmax) and low Ron*Coff and noise figure performance that enables strong, reliable signals in switches and low noise amplifiers (LNAs). 

Chip designers can harness this combination of benefits to incorporate switches, LNAs, PAs and logic in monolithic Wi-Fi FEMs optimized for small form factors and long battery life, while reducing overall system bill of materials cost.

  • Differentiated EDNMOS power device delivers the must-have low Rdson, and high BVdss and ft/fmax  for PAs in integrated, next-gen Wi-Fi FEMs.

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Amp up power amp performance

The combination of a novel EDNMOS PA device with high-linearity transmit performance with all-copper interconnects and ultra thick copper layers that boost power-handling capability enables consumers to enjoy broader wireless coverage with strong signals.

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Ideal for space- & power-constrained applications

By offering low leakage, high integration and excellent RF performance benefits, 130RFSOI enables designers to develop area- and power-optimized solutions that save space for other advanced features and boost battery life, while keeping systems costs in check.

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Hardware you can rely on, that’s ready when you are

130RFSOI is a silicon-proven, mature solution built in GF’s high-volume 300 mm Singapore manufacturing facility, distinguished by its record of on-time delivery and manufacturing excellence. Get your product to market even faster with a full range of RF turnkey services and a design demonstrator package for first-time-right results.

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Wi-Fi FEM switches, LNAs and PAs using 8SW and SiGe PA solutions

The GlobalFoundries 8SW RF SOI and family of SiGe PA solutions (SiGe 5PAe, 1KW5PAe, 5PAx and 1K5PAx) are optimized to help design engineers meet these requirements in future-ready Wi-Fi front-end module switches, low noise amplifiers  and power amplifiers (PAs). Combined, the solutions enable a high-performance, power and area-efficient two chip Wi-Fi FEM design for high-end to mid-tier smartphones, tablets, notebook computers, access points and IoT devices.


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8SW arms design engineers with a cost-effective, low power and highly flexible solution for Wi-Fi switches and LNAs. 8SW-based switches offer superior Ron*Coff and insertion loss (IL) combined with high Pmax to help extend Wi-Fi signal coverage and battery lifetime, while LNAs built on 8SW are designed to deliver the low noise figures and high gain needed for uninterrupted, farther reaching Wi-Fi connections. 

The SiGe PA portfolio complements 8SW solutions, enabling chip designers to meet demanding next-gen Wi-Fi specifications by harnessing high Psat, high PAE and exceptional error vector magnitude (EVM) performance for broader Wi-Fi coverage, longer battery life and stronger Wi-Fi connections.

  • 8SW is industry’s 1st fully qualified high-volume RF SOI Foundry solution on 300 mm wafers.

  • GF has shipped more than eight billion SiGe PA chips globally.

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Powerful, yet power & area frugal

8SW’s best-in-class Ron*Coff, all-copper interconnects and high-stacking capability that boost power-handling capacity can help make Wi-Fi connections seamless, with improved battery efficiency. It delivers up to 50% better switch performance efficiency and 50% smaller chip area, while reducing power consumption as much as 70%.

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Robust, worry-free connectivity

Featuring 10% more gain and 7% lower noise figure combined with a >5x better figure of merit *, LNAs developed using 8SW offer the reliable, robust Wi-Fi connections for the enhanced mobile broadband that businesses, consumers and organizations now count on

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PAs that pack a punch

Balance performance and value using the wide range of RF features in our SiGe PA solutions. The solutions feature production-proven through-silicon vias (TSVs) so designers can leverage low-cost packages, while offering outstanding EVM combined with high Psat and PAE that boost battery life, coverage and signal strength.

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Integrated Wi-Fi FEM SoCs using 22FDX® RF and 22FDX® RF

22FDX® RF allows designers to leverage digital scaling advantages combined with high power-handling, high performance power amplifiers (PAs) and switches to develop single-chip Wi-Fi SoCs with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. 22FDX® RF+ builds on our 22FDX® RF solution with performance and power benefits and Wi-Fi specific features.


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22FDX® RF+ is designed to offer 30% better Ron*Coff and insertion loss performance, enabling stronger, more reliable connections.*

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An established platform you can count on

8SW’s best-in-class Ron*Coff, all-copper interconnects and high-stacking capability that boost power-handling capacity can help make Wi-Fi connections seamless, with improved battery efficiency. It delivers up to 50% better switch performance efficiency and 50% smaller chip area, while reducing power consumption as much as 70%.

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Wi-Fi ready devices

Design engineers can leverage Wi-Fi optimized RF switch and PA features to meet next-generation Wi-Fi power-handling and performance specifications. Differentiated 3.3 V LDMOS devices available in 22FDX® RF and RF+ have been customized for integrated PA applications in Wi-Fi SoCs.

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Less area means more room for other features

22FDX® RF and RF+  enable designers to integrate multiple wireless connectivity functions into a one chip for packaging and cost efficiencies—up to 25% cost savings compared to a two-chip GaAs/RF SOI solution†—while enabling providers to take advantage of the saved space for other consumer-pleasing features

*Compared to 22FDX® RF.
Results will vary with chip/system design.

Integrated Wi-Fi FEM SoCs using 12LP RF

The GlobalFoundries® (GF®) 12LP RF solution, based on mature 12LP and 14LPP GF FinFET solutions, features excellent digital performance, power and area advantages paired with a strong RF figure of merit, making it great choice for single-chip SoCs with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.  


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  • 10% smaller bitcell area and >20% smaller logic area compared to 16 nm FinFET solutions.
  • Builds upon GF’s established 14 nm & 12 nm platforms, of which GF has shipped more than one million wafers.
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Carefree battery life

12LP RF’s high power-handling PA capabilities, paired with a low-voltage device that offers significant power savings, help designers extend battery life so consumers can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity for longer before worrying about recharging.

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FinFET-powered performance

By combining a low LNA noise figure and high LNA gain with high PAE PA performance, 12LP RF enables designers to develop integrated Wi-Fi FEM chips that deliver robust signal coverage over broad distances for the enhanced wireless experiences consumers count on.

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More function in less space

With a 12 nm FinFET platform for extensive digital integration, a high-density SRAM and an advanced design library, 12LP RF enables designers to develop small form-factor Wi-Fi SoCs that take up less space or to integrate more features in the same SoC footprint for bill-of-material efficiencies.