Wired Connectivity

Massive volumes of data mean stressed networks. GF’ssolutions for optical communications and wired infrastructure provide higher bandwidth between data center servers and faster connections throughout the telecommunication infrastructure.

Data Center Optical Communications

Optical communication uses light, rather than electrical signals, to carry information across fiber optics networks. The unprecedented growth in the flow of data crossing these networks is stressing them like never before. Optical communications solutions from GlobalFoundries® enable more data to enter and exit these networks, resulting in dramatic capacity increases.


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90WG & 90WG+

Data center optical transceivers using 90WG and 90WG+ silicon photonics

Silicon photonics (SiPh) uses optical I/O for rapid transmission of data to supercharge data center fiber optic networks while minimizing signal loss and degradation. GlobalFoundrieshelps designers harness the power of light for 100G+ optical transceiver applications with 90WG and 90WG+ SiPh semiconductor solutions.

These solutions enable you to integrate RF, digital elements and silicon photonics circuits on the same chip and benefit from the scale, efficiencies and process controls of 300 mm silicon manufacturing.

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Leverage high volume manufacturing

High-volume 300 mm CMOS manufacturing offers supply assurance and enables you to take advantage of advanced processing and controls for mainstream photonic integrated circuit (PIC) deployment in hyper-scale data center interconnects.

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Maximize performance, in less space

The monolithic integration capabilities of GF’s 90WG and 90WG+ solutions offer power, area and performance advantages for cost-effective designs that deliver more data per watt per fiber per laser.

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Boost bandwidth

90WG and 90WG+ are optimized to help you meet high-speed (100G and beyond) optical connectivity demands by offering a 40 GHz germanium photodiode paired with 25 Gbaud and 50 Gbaud Mach-Zehnder modulators, respectively.

SiGe 9HP & 8XP

Data center TIAs and drivers using SiGe 9HP and 8XP

Current and emerging performance-driven data center applications require low power/ high-frequency transimpedance (TIA) and linear driver performance. High-performance silicon germanium (SiGe) solutions from GlobalFoundriesare designed to deliver the speed, performance and bandwidth that optical chips for next-generation, performance-optimized hardware require.

SiGe 9HP and 8XP, built on 90 nm and 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS platforms respectively, enable you to integrate extensive digital and RF functionality and on a silicon base. 

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Maximize Performance

SiGe 9HP and 8XP feature advanced heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) that enable operation at high junction temperatures, while delivering superior low-noise and high-frequency performance (370 GHz and 340 GHz fmax, respectively).

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Rich PDKs, from the SiGe leader

GF SiGe PDKs leverage our experts’ decades of experience with SiGe solutions—some of the original scientists and engineers who pioneered SiGe. The kits provide RF-specific tool support along with best-in-class model-to-hardware correlation accuracy.

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Accelerate Time to Market

SiGe solutions are complemented by end-to-end design enablement, prototyping services, the RFwave™ and superior factory capabilities so designers can meet design and performance goals, easily inject differentiation and bring products to market faster.

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Quality First

Wired Networking

Connectivity of everything, everywhere requires technology that scales with performance and cost. Rapidly increasing volumes of data require wireless, wireline and networking processing infrastructure that enable the highest performance levels in the cloud and ultra-low power at the edge.

GlobalFoundries® (GF®) end-to-end portfolio of solutions span your infrastructure needs, delivering agile, efficient edge-to-cloud performance.