Cellular Infrastructure and SATCOMs

GlobalFoundries® is enabling 5G to live up to its hype with wireless network solutions that deliver the latency, speed and reliability customers can harness in the future-ready cellular base station and satellite communications (SATCOM) hardware—and that are essential for making immersive user experiences and industry transformation a reality. These GF solutions are helping customers navigate 5G complexity challenges and rollout pressures, while minimizing CAPEX and OPEX expenditures, through a combination of application-optimized features and specialized RF post-fab turnkey services that build on our decades of RF expertise.

“…I don’t know if there’s anyone else in the world that does high volume mmWave test the way that you [GF] do—and the rapidity with which you’ve brought it up and done it successfully, and already delivered in full-scale production… GlobalFoundries has never let us down….”

Robert Donahue, Anokiwave CEO | March 2020

5G mmWave cellular infrastructure & SATCOM FEMs using 45RFSOI

Mobile operators have aggressive targets for ensuring that cellular base station deployments and densification keep pace with 5G smartphone rollouts so users can enjoy the full range of new experiences these devices offer.

45RFSOI from GF can help customers meet this challenge. With more than a billion dollars (U.S.) in design wins*, the solution is already in high-volume production. Optimized for 5G mmWave cellular front-end module (FEM) and SATCOM applications, our 45RFSOI solution enables you to tap into high transmission power capabilities and industry-leading mmWave performance. This combination of benefits makes 45RFSOI superior choice for low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), power amplifiers (PAs), switches and in integrated FEMs that combine these elements, or in area and power-efficient beamformers.


“…Millimeter wave design is challenging. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. What we found in GlobalFoundries was a company that was already a leader in RF technology and platforms but who we discovered had made enhancements to make millimeter wave design easier…”

Mike Noonan, Mixcomm CEO


Maximize performance & reliability
45RFSOI enables you to optimize your design’s performance and reliability with a combination of superior ft/fmax, Pout, insertion loss, gain and noise figure benefits paired with the industry’s first silicon-validated mmWave reliability model.

Minimize TCO
45RFSOI PA performance (up to 23 dBm Psat at > 40% PAE) enables you to minimize heat dissipation and achieve greater coverage using fewer base stations or equal coverage using smaller, lower-power base stations.

Made for mmWave
45RFSOI offers an optimized BEOL with thick copper levels and a high-resistivity trap rich substrate combined with device stacking and low Ron advantages for robust connectivity at mmWave frequencies.

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Industry’s first silicon-validated mmWave reliability model lets you predict ruggedness, aging and lifetime before design tape out.

Industry’s only Foundry with in-house mmWave test capabilities, which build on two decades of RF leadership & expertise.

Integrated 5G mmWave infrastructure & SATCOM FEMs using 22FDX® RF & 22FDX® RF+

Each generation of cellular technology has outpaced previous generations by delivering more immersive user experiences, higher reliability and more pervasive connectivity.


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22FDX® RF and 22FDX® RF+

22FDX® RF and 22FDX® RF+ enable designers to harness exceptional power, performance and area benefits to develop a fully integrated monolithic 5G mmWave solution for cellular infrastructure and SATCOM front-end modules (FEMs). These benefits are critical to bringing new applications and services—including ultra HD video streaming from anywhere, autonomous driving and smart factories—to life.

Integrate more in less space
22FDX® RF and RF+ offer up to a 40% logic scaling advantage and are the industry’s only solutions that enable fully integrated 5G mmWave SoCs with best-in-class performance and power benefits.

Superior performance & range
22FDX® RF and RF+ combine high Psat with excellent noise-figure and insertion-loss performance to help you boost signal strength and extend reach up to 6% for broader coverage.

Better power efficiency
With high Psat and back gate control for low-power logic (0.4 V) operation, 22FDX® RF and RF+ can deliver significant total power savings while minimizing heat dissipation.

22FDX® RF & 22FDX® RF+ are the industry’s only solutions enabling world-class power and performance benefits in a single-chip 5G mmWave FEM SoC.

GF is the industry’s only Foundry with in-house mmWave test capabilities, which build on two decades of RF leadership & expertise.

‡ Compared to GF 28 nm bulk CMOS. Benefits will vary with chip/system design.
◊ Assumes 28 GHz band, TX and RX antenna gain of 20 dB, line of sight communication. Benefits will vary with chip/system design.
† Compared to 22FDX® RF.

5G sub-6 GHz cellular infrastructure FEMs using 8SW RF SOI

By 2025, mobile networks will carry roughly 164 Exabytes of traffic per month and more than 75% of that is forecast to be video.* 5G network deployments are fueling this growth by opening the door to richer user experiences—from ultra HD video streaming to live 360° views of sporting events or concerts—and by making them available to users any time and from anywhere around the globe.



Exploit our 8SW solution’s best-in-class switch and low-noise amplifier (LNA) performance to develop network hardware products with the capacity, speed and responsiveness that help make spectators feel as though they are enjoying those events in person, instead of watching remotely.

Maximize performance & range
Take advantage of 8SW’s best-in-class switch Ron*Coff and LNA noise figure, gain and linearity benefits paired with thick copper metal levels to boost signal quality, amplification and coverage area.

Enhance power efficiency
Enable power-efficient system level hardware by leveraging 8SW’s low-voltage SC libraries and shorter LNA gate length (Leff) options that enable better gain/linearity without affecting power consumption.

Capitalize on your investment
With 300 mm manufacturing and advanced processing and controls, 8SW enables you to get the most from your investment—and leverage more area for test sites and customer-specific design variations.

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8SW is industry’s 1st fully qualified high-volume RF SOI Foundry solution on 300 mm wafers.

Manufactured in globally distributed fabs to help meet supply & capacity demands.

* Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2020.

5G mmWave & sub-6 GHz cellular infrastructure discrete PAs using SiGe HP

High-performance SiGe BiCMOS (HP SiGe) solutions from GF meet the need for speed, integration and reliability in 5G FEMs for macro base stations and small cells. Our portfolio includes platforms ranging from 90 nm to 180 nm so you can balance performance, area and value in your design.


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Advanced SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) enable high-efficiency discrete power amplifiers (PAs) with high output power and gain (Psat > 23 dBm) for better coverage and signal quality, while enabling the solutions to operate at high junction temperatures.

The solutions offer reliability advantages over CMOS or SOI-based alternatives and feature a high resistivity substrate that reduces loss and further enhances power handling capabilities for higher performance in PAs, switches, LNAs and phase shifters.

Smaller arrays
Take advantage of outstanding Pmax, fmax and NF performance per element for fewer chips per array and smaller, cost-effective antenna arrays with equivalent effective isotropically radiated power (EIRP).

5G ready
GF’s SiGe 9HP offers best-in-class performance for 5G FEM beamformers, handling modulated 5G new radio waveforms that generate peaks of 2x the PA supply voltage while giving off less power as heat.

Design flexibility
An advanced copper metallization feature, available in SiGe 9HP, 8XP and 8HP, enables you to take advantage of 5x the current density at 100°C, or up to 25°C higher operating temperature at the same current density.

SiGe 9HP is the highest fmax SiGe BiCMOS foundry process in volume production today, delivering 370 GHz fmax

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