Driving Automotive Innovation on the Semiconductor Superhighway 

GlobalFoundries’ Next-Generation Technology Will Shape What’s Essential in the Auto Industry 

Today’s vehicles are marvels of integrated technology—an intelligent edge device on wheels. Look under the hood, and it’s likely you’ll find a semiconductor born in one of GF’s global manufacturing facilities. 

The shift from traditional combustion engines to autonomous, connected, and electrified (ACE) vehicles—and eventually to Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs)—is a giant technological stride. And GF’s 12LP+ AutoPro150 platform is precisely engineered to fuel this transition. 

The Evolution of Automotive Performance 

From self-driving features to efficient power management and central controls, the modern car is experiencing an explosion of advancements in user experience, safety, and connectivity—all while moving toward zero emissions. With 15 years of expertise in automotive solutions, GF has been pivotal in this evolution. 12LP+ AutoPro150 not only meets these complex demands but is built to withstand the rigors of automotive operation—engineered to perform reliably even at the high temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius. 

Power, Performance, Area: The Core of 12LP+ AutoPro150 

In automotive electronics, three factors are crucial: power, performance, and the area—or PPA. 12LP+ AutoPro150 excels in all three, offering a 16% boost in performance and slashing power consumption by 32% over our prior 12LP models. This puts it miles ahead of older 16nm technologies, packing more power into a smaller space with enhanced efficiency. 

Unleashing Performance with Precision 

Future-ready vehicles require compact, powerful semiconductors. Enter 12LP+ AutoPro150, with its logic Contacted Poly Pitch (CPP) of just 84nm—fine electrical paths for a more potent chip. “What’s a logic Contacted Poly Pitch?” you might wonder. It’s the measure of space between the transistors on a chip, determining how many can fit in a given area. The smaller the CPP, the more transistors we can pack in, and the more powerful the semiconductor. 

The Heart of Automotive Evolution: Efficiency 

It’s not just about miles per gallon; efficiency extends to the silicon that powers every electronic process in your vehicle. 12LP+ AutoPro150 marks a significant step toward sustainability, reducing power usage by up to 32% and improving overall vehicle performance. 

 A History of Excellence and Innovation 

Our Malta, New York fab has dispatched more than 2 million wafers globally, embodying our relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication to quality. 12LP+ AutoPro150 builds on this heritage, robust enough to withstand the intense conditions of modern driving and GF’s long-standing mission to enhance automotive security and safety. 

Wiring the Future, Layer by Layer 

12LP+ AutoPro150’s intricate multi-layer copper wiring facilitates swift, efficient data transfer, essential for enhanced autonomous driving and vehicle connectivity—akin to an urban grid designed for optimal traffic flow. 

Customization at its Core 

Offering four voltage threshold options, 12LP+ AutoPro150 tailors to the nuanced needs of various vehicles. This adaptability allows automakers to fine-tune system performance, whether it’s for a family SUV or a high-octane sports car, without complicating the manufacturing process. 

The Road Ahead 

For drivers, this translates to a vehicle that’s smarter, safer, and perfectly aligned with your lifestyle—transforming every journey with unparalleled technology, comfort, and efficiency. 

As we forge ahead, GF is excited to introduce several new features as part of this platform in the development pipeline: 

  • Ultra Low Leakage (ULL) – We are enhancing the digital logic and memory components of our semiconductors to ensure they perform optimally even in extreme automotive environments. This development is crucial for supporting connectivity functions that need to be continuously active, helping the modern vehicle transition into an always-connected, AI-enhanced platform. 
  • ZG 3.3V – This innovation involves the introduction of higher voltage devices that can manage a wider array of signals from complex automotive sensors. These sensors are vital for enhancing vehicle safety and responsiveness by providing more accurate real-time data. 
  • eMRAM – We are deploying a differentiated non-volatile memory (eMRAM) that offers high endurance, high density, and low power consumption. It is designed to meet the increased code and data storage needs of advanced microcontrollers used in cars, facilitating more sophisticated AI and machine learning applications. 

GF Customers will find these innovations particularly applicable in the design of: 

  • ADAS processors at the edge: These are crucial for features like automatic braking or lane-keeping, focusing on reliability while consuming less power. 
  • Digital Signal Processors: Enhancing the audio and infotainment systems inside your car, making your ride more enjoyable. 
  • High-Speed Connectivity devices: Essential for features that require fast data transfer, like downloading maps or streaming music. 
  • MRAM and ZG 3.3V technologies in 12LP+: Soon, these will help manage the car’s built-in sensors more effectively, improving performance and safety. 

The 12LP+ AutoPro150 platform is yet another milestone in GF’s journey to shape the future of the automotive. As cars increasingly resemble computers, our essential semiconductors are the heart—capable, efficient, and future-ready.