User Connectivity in Smart Mobile Devices

The foundation of the mobile user experience

Performance, power and speed no matter where your users are

Meet your customers’ growing expectations for connectivity and bring the world to their fingertips with stronger and more secure connections. GF’s end-to-end user connectivity portfolio offers solutions for outstanding 5G and WiFi performance that prioritizes secure connections to ensure your products protect user data and transactions.  

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Faster WiFi for a

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Cellular for a changing radio landscape

5G has introduced performance, power and complexity challenges to the cellular landscape. GF’s portfolio of cellular technology is designed to handle these challenges.  

  • Highest level of integration for premium 5G smartphones
  • High performance for entry and mid-tier 4G LTE and 5G sub-6 GHz smartphones and other connected mobile devices
  • Combined high transmission power capabilities and industry-leading mmWave performance

Faster WiFi for a better user connectivity experience

Speed and bandwidth define the WiFi user experience. GF’s portfolio of WiFi technology provides a faster and more user-pleasing experience by enabling buffer-free video, high-definition video streaming and less waiting time.    

  • Integrated Wi-Fi FEMs with performance-optimized SoCs, switches, LNAs and PAs
  • Enhanced GF Wi-Fi solutions based on 12nm, 130nm RF SOI and SiGe PA platforms
  • Fewer dead zones, smoother video streaming and stronger connection

Security that users and businesses can count on

As device connection increases, so do concerns of secure transactions, protecting assets and safeguarding data. GF offers a range of security-optimized chip solutions that users and businesses count on. 

  • Solutions for security ICs in smartphones and wearables, spanning 40, 28 and 22 nm
  • More than two billion units of secure near-field communication (NFC) chips shipped to support premium smartphones  
  • Embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) and low-power technologies with RF integration for secure NB-IoT, NFC, UWB and Wi-Fi applications