Innovating for Next Era of Automotive

Automotive solutions that drive innovation

Roads were made for journeys, not destinations. 

GF is forging the road ahead, turbocharging the automotive industry with semiconductor innovations that address every facet of vehicle architecture transformation. Our feature-rich platforms are integral to building the automated, connected, and electrified cars of tomorrow, delivering high-performance, power-efficient products designed and certified for the most demanding automotive applications.

Working in close collaboration with our customers, OEMs, and an ecosystem of 100+ partners globally, GF has paved the way for manufacturers and designers to take the fast lane and turn their innovative dreams into reality. Out best-in-class automotive platforms and full supply chain engagement are ready to help you pull ahead and drive the industry forward.

Automotive Partnerships

Learn more about our automotive partnerships with GM and Infineon

Driving Innovation in an Evolving Industry

The road to the future is paved with silicon

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GF’s Automotive Platform Portfolio

Discover GF’s best-in-class automotive platforms – including FDX, feature-rich CMOS and FinFET – all qualified to operate at automotive certification levels

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Autonomous, Connected, Electrified

GF is at the forefront of the ACE trend

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