Automotive MCUs

Automotive microcontroller units (MCUs) are at the heart of all key automotive subsystems, from high reliability engine control and anti-lock brakes to body-electronics, sensors and telematics, with an industry TAM of 5.0 billion units expected by 2024.

Component failure is not an option—and reliability of the MCU starts with advanced high reliability process and manufacturing systems, IP-based architectural enhancements, redundancy enablement, security and a heritage of safety. These are the differentiators for process selection and product development at leading automotive manufacturers.

Automotive MCUs using 22FDX® FD-SOI and 40 nm bulk CMOS solutions

GlobalFoundries® (GF®) offers clients future-ready, automotive-optimized and automotive-grade MCU solutions that deliver the performance, features and reliability that critical automotive subsystems demand.


Reliability you can count on

GF’s 40 nm with eFlash is the only 40 nm automotive grade 0 offering in the industry. The high reliability flash eNVM and an optimized base process enable products for the most demanding automotive applications.

Integrate more, while saving power

GF 22FDX® is automotive grade 1 qualified, and was built from the ground up to enable designers to integrate more function in >20% less space while consuming >50% less power*. The GF FDX™ platform offers the industry’s only solution with an eNVM roadmap to automotive grade 1 qualification.

Differentiate with confidence

Designers can take advantage of the GF AutoPro™ Service Package and a robust in-house and third party IP portfolio to develop optimized, automotive-specific MCU chips.

*Compared to 22 nm bulk CMOS.