Impossible is

Redefine what’s possible – build with GF

At GF, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We lean in and challenge conventional thinking. We focus on the 70% of the semiconductor market that requires feature-rich process technology and deliver innovative solutions that help our customers achieve the impossible. From smart thermostats, industrial robotics, and smart appliances to electric vehicles, low earth orbit satellite systems and premium smartphones, GF makes the chips that are vital to how we live, work and play.

We make the impossible possible by working hand in hand with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their design needs. Then, we develop advanced feature sets and add-on modules to our manufacturing process recipes that allow chip designers to deliver breakthrough innovations. Our feature-rich approach is backed by the power of a global manufacturing footprint, and our talented and diverse global workforce. Together, we expand what’s possible.

Let’s rewrite history

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Expanding the Possibilities

The most amazing innovations tend to happen when you push the envelope, challenge a paradigm, and refuse to settle for the status quo. That’s exactly what we’re doing at GF.

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