Expanding the Possibilities

By Mike Hogan, Chief Business Officer

As somebody who has been in the semiconductor industry for more than 35 years, I’ve had a front row seat to many innovations, and I’ve found a common theme. The most amazing innovations tend to happen when you push the envelope, challenge a paradigm, and refuse to settle for the status quo. That’s exactly what we’re doing at GF. We’re leaning in hard, successfully challenging the conventional definition of semiconductor manufacturing innovation, and focusing on the 70% of the semiconductor market that requires feature-rich process technology. The results speak for themselves. From smart thermostats, industrial robotics, and smart appliances to electric vehicles, optical data networks, low earth orbit satellite systems and premium smartphones, GF makes the chips that are vital to how we live, work and play.

We’re also challenging the status quo related to investment and collaboration. Our leadership in voicing the need for public private partnerships was clearly reinforced by the passing of the Chips and Science Act this week, confirming the importance of ongoing semiconductor manufacturing and innovation in the United States toward national interests such as supply chain security and access to advanced technology. This investment not only shows the power of embracing new strategies and partnering together, but also the power of energizing the community.

Most importantly though, it all starts with a feature-rich approach. We work in lockstep with our customers to develop innovative process features that enhance and elevate capabilities for RF communications, efficient conversion and delivery of power, and precision analog for sensing. Our laser focus on select end markets means our solutions are differentiated and purpose-built for automotive, smart mobile, IoT, communications infrastructure, and data centers.

Here are just a few of the ways we’re bringing new innovations to life:

  • We continue to lead the way in radio frequency (RF) innovations with GF Connex, our feature-rich RF portfolio designed for next-gen wireless connectivity. We’re collaborating with industry leaders like Qualcomm, Broadcom, Fujikura, MediaTek, and others to address varied RF needs across smart mobile, IoT, and communications infrastructure.
  • Our advancements in silicon photonics continue to address explosive growth of soaring data volumes while significantly reducing power consumption. We are working with industry leaders including Broadcom, Cisco Systems, Inc, Marvell and NVIDIA, along with breakthrough photonic leaders including Ayar Labs, Lightmatter, PsiQuantum, Ranovus and Xanadu, to deliver innovative, unique, feature-rich solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges facing data centers today. Our silicon photonics platform, GF Fotonix, is the first in the industry to combine its differentiated 300mm photonics features and 300GHz-class RF-CMOS on a silicon wafer, delivering best-in-class performance at scale. with partners like Cisco Systems, NVIDIA, and more.
  • And GF Labs is a program focused on advancing new technology and long-term roadmap differentiation across some of the trends shaping the global economy, such as IoT, 5G, 6G, and next-gen automotive to name a few. According to International Business Strategies, these trends will drive semiconductor market revenue to more than $1.3 trillion by the end of the decade. The efforts of GF Labs will ultimately help customers expand their product innovation and speed time-to-market.

Be sure to learn more on how GF is redefining semiconductor innovation and putting new possibilities within reach.