Europe’s largest semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries is modernizing its energy supply

Dresden, December 16, 2021. GlobalFoundries® (GF®) is modernizing its energy supply. The goal is to reduce costs and environmental impact while improving operational resiliency at its Fab 1 in Dresden, at the heart of Europe’s leading microelectronics cluster. The multi-year project is an important contribution to the company’s global efforts towards sustainability and efficiency. Upon completion of the project, the Energy Supply Center (EVC) will require 30 percent less natural gas than current operations. This should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 25 percent. In the course of a year, the EVC should then achieve an average overall efficiency of over 90 percent – that is up to 15 percent more than the most modern grid power plants achieve today.

In this project, GF is working together with the largest East German energy supplier, SachsenEnergie AG (SE), based in Dresden. As a regional leader in the energy industry, SE contributes its know-how in the field of energy supply technology in the form of planning, conversion and operational management of the EVC. The planning and approval processes have begun, and the project is scheduled for completion in 2027.

Most modern energy supply center in Europe

The modernization of the existing energy supply system is carried out parallel to ongoing production operations. After completion, the EVC will be one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. Together with SachsenEnergie, GF opted for a combined heat, power and cooling plant using natural gas as the primary energy source. In addition, the new EVC makes it possible to use alternative energy sources such as hydrogen. By the end of 2027, the GF Dresden site should be completely energy self-sufficient and independent of the public power grid.

A Contribution to the Journey to Zero Carbon Initiative

“In the course of the capacity expansion of Fab 1, the modernization of our energy supply is one of the most important projects for GF Dresden,” says Dr. Manfred Horstmann, Vice President and General Manager of GlobalFoundries Dresden. “This project makes a significant contribution to our company-wide Journey to Zero Carbon initiative, which aims to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent between 2020 and 2030.”

dr Frank Brinkmann, CEO of SachsenEnergie, thanks for the trust in a strong partnership: “We are very pleased to intensify the trusting, long-term cooperation with GlobalFoundries and with the new energy supply center to be built for GlobalFoundries, the security of supply at the highest technical standard with high-quality electricity for to provide the semiconductor industry. SachsenEnergie sees itself as a designer of an intelligent energy transition and as a partner to the industry. With the modernization and further expansion, together we are making the semiconductor location Dresden future-proof, greener and strengthening the attractiveness of the business location in the heart of Saxony.”

In addition, SachsenEnergie is driving the energy turnaround in Dresden and East Saxony by building new and modernizing its own power plants and increasing the construction of renewable energy systems such as solar thermal and wind power plants.

World market leader for function-rich semiconductors

GlobalFoundries Dresden, one of the company’s five production sites worldwide and the engine of the German microelectronics cluster, employs more than 3,200 people. GF is a global leader in the manufacture of feature-rich semiconductors. The chips are manufactured on semiconductor wafers in highly complex processes in a particle-free clean room.

Technical highlights:

In order to achieve 100 percent failsafety, the systems have a modular and redundant structure. In addition, the recooling system for the new power supply will be converted to a closed system. This reduces the amount of water needed and allows for a significant reduction in effluent from the EVC.

Energy requirements  of the GF Fab in Dresden (uninterrupted 365 days a year):

1 terawatt hour; from that

  • Electrical energy requirement: 500 gigawatt hours (corresponds to the electricity requirement of approx. 125,000 households in Germany)
  • Demand for energy for heating and especially cooling: 500 gigawatt hours

Effects after modernization:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases by at least 100,000 tons per year
  • 80 percent less water consumption and waste water discharge with EVC

Unique at GF Dresden:

  • Use of almost 100 percent of the waste heat from natural gas engines by converting it into heating and cooling energy and using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) process

Other special features:

  • GF operates fully air-conditioned clean rooms, as even minimal fluctuations in humidity and temperature affect production.
  • To support the cooling of the waste heat generated during production, GF uses the largest ice storage facility in Europe. It is used to cover peak loads and to store energy. In the course of modernization it will be further expanded.

Information on GF and climate protection:

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