A New GF Brand for a New Era of More

by Michelle Leyden Li, Vice President and Head of Global Brand and Marketing

People around the world rely on semiconductor chips every day, throughout the day, and most don’t even know it. Chips are everywhere – inside everything from appliances to thermostats, smartphones to automobiles, and industrial equipment to medical devices. In fact, just one automobile may have as many as 1,500 chips. These incredibly complex feats of human ingenuity power our world, fuel the global economy and enrich our lives. At GlobalFoundries (GF), we know that our role as one of the world’s leading semiconductor chip manufacturers is vital to humanity, and we don’t take that role lightly.

In fact, over the last few years we’ve transformed our company to ensure that our customers can rely on us to deliver innovative, feature-rich process technology solutions for manufacturing chip designs, used in the most demanding and in-demand applications. For example, if you have a 5G-enabled smartphone, chances are that 5G signal passes through a chip manufactured by GF.

Reliable access to semiconductor chips has also become imperative to countries’ economic and national security. GF is one of only five companies in the world that can manufacture chips at scale for these increasingly complex and vital supply chains, and it’s the only one with a global footprint, providing our customers with unimpeded access to a trusted technology source.

Today, we’ve reached an exciting point in our journey as we introduce a new GF brand. Our new brand is the culmination of our transformation journey and the embodiment of the new GF. I’m excited to share it with you.

Delivering a new era of more

Four essential components make our company and brand story uniquely ours:

First, we are redefining innovation and semiconductor manufacturing. We believe that semiconductor manufacturing innovation is about making chips smarter, not just smaller. That’s why we work hand in hand with our customers, collaborating to develop and manufacture feature-rich solutions that provide the leadership performance vital to many growing markets. Unlike compute-centric chips, feature-rich chips enable specific features such as touchscreens, streaming movies and secure pay, and new generations of these chips will require greater security and lower power consumption even as they enable our customers to push the envelope of innovation. GF innovation and semiconductor manufacturing expertise makes that possible.

Second, our global manufacturing footprint advantage. GF’s manufacturing facilities are geographically dispersed with large manufacturing centers in North America, Europe and Asia. Our global footprint provides a level of flexibility and accessibility that no other semiconductor manufacturer can offer its customers.

Third, collaboration and partnership with our customers. We’ve reinvented the customer-supplier dynamic in the semiconductor industry to enable a more tightly aligned partnership. We are leading the transformation to a more evolved “fabless/foundry” model that is predicated on long-term collaboration. It makes it possible for our customers to focus on chip design innovations that advance critical applications, while we focus on process technology feature innovations ensuring that those designs can be manufactured in high volume and within critical time-to-market windows. This new model ensures predictability, repeatability, and sustainability for GF and our customers, which is now more vital than ever.

Fourth, diversity throughout our company. We have the most diverse workforce in the global semiconductor manufacturing industry, which increases our ability to innovate and enables better collaboration with our customers worldwide. GF would not be one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies without the diversity of ideas, thought and backgrounds that the approximately 15,000 members of our global workforce bring to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers each and every day.

GF Logo

A new visual identity that represents the new GF while honoring our heritage​

GF’s new visual identity captures the essence of who we are as a company, and what and how we contribute to society, while honoring our heritage:

  • Our logo: our new brand logo is the combination of a logomark and a word mark. The logomark is a reductive design of our two-letter GF name and the reductive nature of the design represents our brand story.
    • The left-hand side of the “g” in the logomark is fashioned using a half circle and a quarter circle. The circle shapes are representative of a globe highlighting our global footprint as well as a semiconductor wafer​.
    • The middle shape is shared between the “g” and the “f,” signifying partnership and collaboration, core indicators of the relationships we have with our customers.
    • Two squares that define the remainder of the “f” signify the chips, and stacked one on top of the other, make an equal sign that we use to communicate our brand story.

Our colors: our new visual identity retains use of the color orange, allowing GF to retain our earned brand equity in that color, while reflecting our bold personality as well as our optimism and warmth. We have added yellow and purple to our color palette to communicate our warmth and our boldness.

Our visual imagery: our new brand steers away from the industry norm of techie and graphic abstract images, and instead focuses on the scope and humanity of GF. These global, people-centric, inspired images reiterate our global footprint and presence.

Overall, GF’s new visual identity has been meticulously crafted to be bold, innovative, inviting and simple. Our brand reflects who we are, highlighting the vital role we play in the world.

In fact, at the very moment you are reading this, it’s likely you’re just a few feet away from a chip manufactured by GF. That’s a true story, and it’s our story.