Quality Management

GLOBALFOUNDRIES Quality Management System is in place to ensure that our solutions meet or exceed customer specifications on quality and reliability for all industries and markets. Our employees are dedicated to a zero excursion, zero defect mission in all aspects of our product realization and business processes. Third party certifications validate the robustness.

The quality policy defines the vision and mission of the advance quality system.

Our customers’ partner of choice

Our customers choose us because we are recognized as best-in-class.

The zero excursion and zero defect mission

Customer First, Quality Always

  • We are committed to exceed our customers' quality expectations through complete understanding of their requirements

First Time Right

  • We facilitate best-in-class execution through a skilled workforce, process methodology deployment and global best practice sharing

Continual Improvement

  • We drive for zero defects through the process maturity continuum of Correcting, Controlling, Improving, Preventing, Anticipating

The Top Level Business Processes Guide the Context of the End to End Advanced Quality Management System

  • The enterprise execution systems that define the context of the Advanced Quality System start with clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities
  • The GF global network functions seamlessly supporting the global market place with the speed and intimacy of being located near our customers
  • The governance system allows the customers to have a common experience across the GF network

The Advanced Quality System begins and ends with the customer

The Advanced Quality System begins and ends with the customer

Key Quality Processes that drive stability or protect the customer from variation

  • Quality Manual
  • MES, PM, Equipment controls, SPC, MRB, PCRB, DECRB, RMS, FMEA