Kay Chai “KC” Ang

Kay Chai (KC) Ang is Chief Manufacturing Officer at GF, a position he was appointed to in 2022. Mr. Ang joined GF in July 2009 and has served in a variety of senior leadership roles for the company including head of all GF’s Singapore operations and head of the Dresden, Germany manufacturing facility, customer engineering and corporate quality organizations.

Mr. Ang has more than 30 years of foundry industry experience with a proven track record in manufacturing operations, fab start-up and technology transfer. Prior to joining the company, he held senior leadership positions at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, including Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing with responsibility for global sales, marketing, services, customer support and regional business operations. He also served as Senior Vice President of Fab Operations, where Mr. Ang had responsibility for manufacturing strategy and operational excellence across all of the company’s fabs, including the launching operations at Chartered’s 300mm facility, which was integrated into GF in January 2010. Mr. Ang has held other manufacturing operations roles at Chartered as well as at SilTerra. He is also the SEMI Southeast Asia Regional Advisory Chairman and the Board Advisor to Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association.

Mr. Ang holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University and a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Texas.