GlobalFoundries Unveils Key Innovations at Technology Summit 2023

Spotlight on Power Management, RF Connectivity, Intelligent and Secure Solutions

SAN JOSE, C.A., August 28, 2023 – At its annual Technology Summit beginning tomorrow, GlobalFoundries (Nasdaq: GFS), is spotlighting its differentiated technology advancements that are enabling more efficient deployment of power, more seamless connectivity and more intelligence that is driving innovation and enabling transformative products in the world’s most critical markets.

This year’s sessions will highlight GF’s ultra-low power technology platforms, RF and mmWave connectivity solutions, and localized, low-power intelligent applications with secure embedded Non-Volatile Memory technology. Attendees will be able to gain insight into how GF is helping its customers shape our world, from the solutions they pioneer to enabling the cutting-edge products they deliver.

GF’s President and CEO, Dr. Thomas Caulfield, will kick-off the event with a keynote address on how “Essential chips fuel the era of AI,” which emphasizes the transformative potential of these technologies and their significance in the rapidly evolving semiconductor landscape.

In addition, Charlie Kawwas, Chief Operating Officer of Broadcom and John Forsyth, Chief Executive Officer of Cirrus Logic, along with other leaders from the fabless semiconductor and end-markets industries will take the stage, joined by experts from the expansive electronics ecosystem, including OEM, fabless, OSAT, EDA, and IP. Together, their insights, keynote addresses, technology roadmaps, and demonstrations will showcase GF’s collaborative development and its impact, highlighting innovations tailored for automotive, IoT, smart mobile, data centers and communications infrastructure markets.

Held at the San Jose Marriott in San Jose, California, the two-day summit also introduces a new format. This year, representatives from GF’s Technology, Business, and Commercial teams are on hand to host small group meetings, facilitating deeper discussions and partnerships.

About GTS:

GF Technology Summit (GTS) 2023 is GF’s worldwide, annual series of technology-focused events. GTS brings together leaders from the commercial, business and research worlds to understand the latest technology challenges and opportunities, and partner to create the most innovative applications and solutions.

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