GlobalFoundries Employee Referral Program

GF Employee Referral Program has been created to introduce talented individuals to the company through our greatest asset — our people. GF employees are the best in the world, and we believe that the friends and associates of GF employees can make outstanding candidates for employment.

The goal of this program is to attract qualified individuals who may be interested in a career with GF.

This program is open to all regular full-time and part-time employees who refer qualified candidates for jobs with GF. Specific regulations may apply within different regions or countries. If you have been referred by a GF employee, then please go to and click on the careers tab to choose the location. You will be asked to do the following

  • Apply to position(s) that you may be qualified for
  • Create an applicant profile
  • “Where did you find out about this role?” – Choose Employee Referral
  • “If Employee Referral please provide GF Employee Name”
  • “Referral Name Email Address”

***Employees subject to restrictions regarding solicitation or referral of employees from previous employers or other companies should not violate those restrictions. There are some companies for which GF will not pay referral bonuses. Referral bonuses are not paid for referrals from our Strategic Partners. All referrals from partnered companies will be subject to executive review. Please note that not all posted positions will be bonus eligible.