Consumer demand for—and reliance on—smarter connected IoT devices continues to grow, with 5G and the broader coverage and transformational user experiences it promises poised to fuel still more demand. With that demand, however, comes the challenge of delivering increasingly complex IoT devices while reducing the cost and power consumption.


More immersive AV/VR and mixed-reality experiences. Ultra-high resolution display and advanced imaging technology that make stunning visual detail and color possible, in our homes and on the go. Ever smarter audio, hearable devices and wearable devices that deliver advanced features with worry-free battery life. Consumer expectations for these products has never been higher, and GF® is ready with an application-optimized portfolio of solutions to help chip designers meet, and even beat, expectations.



Best-in-class leakage and power benefits that can extend battery life up  twofold combined with a rich feature set make 22FDX® RF solutions from GF® a superior choice for true wireless stereo (TWS) SoC applications. Designers can take advantage of exceptional RF performance for seamless wireless connectivity, performance and area-optimized digital elements for enhanced AI capability and an optimized eMRAM that can replace embedded flash for area and power savings.

Optimized for on-the-go audio
22FDX® RF offers superior active power (0.4 V), ultra-low leakage (<1 pA/µm), and excellent area efficiency (> 5M gates/mm2), combined with industry-leading analog capabilities (noise, mismatch, short channel effect).

Elevating the audio experience
22FDX® is an outstanding choice for single-chip TWS solutions, enabling designers to take advantage of superior RF PA performance, an LDMOS (5 V-6.5 V) for integrating the battery charger and power management features and a qualified eMRAM solution to enhance the user experience.

Faster time to market
With 22FDX®, designers leverage the silicon-validated elements, including low leakage and low power design libraries, adaptive body bias for power-state throttling and a wide range of memory options (OTP/MTP/eMRAM)—along with connectivity and security IP—for differentiation and a time to market advantage.





GlobalFoundries22FDX® (22nm FD-SOI) solutions singularly deliver both high performance and low power, offering best-in-class leakage and dramatically extending battery life. 22FDX® features enhanced noise performance and modeling to minimize unwanted background noise. Low flicker noise device properties enable audio pre-amp integration, and 5V LDMOS allows for direct battery connect for battery life optimization. Chip designers can also take advantage of magneto resistive non-volatile memory (eMRAM) for simple, high-capacity onboard storage, with high performance and endurance, all in a single device. 

GF 55 nm BCDLite solutions are optimized for products requiring mixed signal (A/D) capabilities, in space-constrained designs. It supports audio/mic controller applications across a range of voltages, from 0.9 V to 30 V, to meet high dynamic-range requirements. The solution combines low-power logic, low drain-source on resistance, advanced power monitoring and embedded memory features.
With superior active power and ultra-low leakage (<1 pA/µm) capabilities, 22FDX® provides significant power advantages, including a 0.4 V Vdd operating voltage, while also delivering excellent area efficiency (> 5M gates/mm2).

Balance performance & cost
Low and ultra-low RDSon power FETs on 55 nm BCDLite provide a 30% to 47% reduction in on-resistance compared to previous GF BCDLite processes for die-cost and conversion efficiency advantages.

Differentiation & reliability
22FDX® enables designers to leverage silicon-validated elements, including adaptive body bias for power-state throttling and a wide range of memory options (OTP/MTP/eMRAM)—along with connectivity and security IP—for differentiation and a time-to-market advantage. GF 55 nm BCDLite solutions are in high-volume production and feature world-class D0 (< 0.04 def/in2) defect density.

Processing a music stream with active noise cancellation consumes less than 10 percent of GAP9 [GreenWaves’ hearables platform] resources, leaving plenty of headroom for dramatically improving the audio comfort or other new cutting-edge features, at the same time simplifying their development. GF’s 22FDX® platform, with its incredible performance, ultra-low power capability, low-leakage, and flexibility, was instrumental for enabling us to hit our performance targets.

- Loic Lietar,GreenWaves Technologies首席执行官


Today’s IoT devices are enhanced by new levels intelligence. The sophistication of these devices continues to increase dramatically as the demand for smart features like face, speech and object recognition grows, and as processing and intelligent reaction move to the edge. All while protection of the user’s digital identity remains a critical concern.

GF® understands that the associated ultra-low power, high-performance and security requirements critical to enabling these value-optimized, smarter consumer IoT devices is top of mind for semiconductor chip designers, and is ready with a portfolio of processing-specific solutions to choose from.



- 史蒂夫-泰格,感知公司首席执行官


GlobalFoundries offers a range of purpose-optimized consumer IoT MCU solutions, enabling designers to meet the area, performance and power and targets for their hardware.

Meet competing requirements
GF’s 40 nm, 110 nm and 150 nm solutions, built on a bulk CMOS platform, offer high value, feature-rich, power-optimized and low mask-count options for developing cost-sensitive consumer IoT MCUs. Designers can take advantage of supplier integrity for a time to market advantage.

Purpose built
22FDX® offers a combination of full SoC integration (eMRAM, analog power and RF elements on one chip), logic scaling (for AI and security features) for > 20% smaller footprint* and lower BOM costs. The unique 22FDX® SOI architecture gives designers additional power mode throttling capabilities with easy to use back-gate biasing solutions to reduce power > 50%* to extend battery life without compromising performance.

Differentiate with confidence
A rich portfolio of MCU-optimized IP and reference designs helps clients stand out from their competition, and get to market faster.







GlobalFoundries®(GF®)的12LP/12LP+ FinFET和22FDX® FD-SOI边缘人工智能加速器解决方案经过优化,可以减少延迟和可操作的响应时间,通过在边缘管理数据,可以增强安全性和数据隐私。这些特制的解决方案结合了一系列的功率、性能和面积优势,使芯片设计师能够选择最适合他们的独立或嵌入式人工智能SoC。

GF 12LP/12LP+和22FDX®解决方案经过优化,可提供您所需的性能马力,在边缘而不是在数据中心处理人工智能推理的需求。













Consumer IoT hardware is performance, power andarea sensitive. All while being reliable enough to stand up to constant use.
22FDX® RF solutions from GF®, built on a 22 nm FD-SOI platform, enable designers to take advantage of superior power efficiency and performance while integrating multiple features into a single chip for significant area and BOM cost advantages. And because 22FDX® is automotive grade 1 qualified, the solutions offer the high reliability that consumer IoT applications rely on.

Space & power miser
22FDX® RF enables the industry’s only single-chip modem for > 20% area savings, while adaptive body bias gives designers the ability to cut dynamic power by 30% and leakage power by 60%.*

Optimize for consumer IoT
Take advantage of the IoT-specific capabilities and features available with 22FDX® RF, including best-in-class RF sensitivity, eMRAM and direct battery connect PMIC integration.

Inject innovation
Leverage the FDXcelerator™ ecosystem, a comprehensive, silicon-validated IP portfolio and reference designs to differentiate today, and tap into the strong FDX™ roadmap to 12 nm for planning next-gen, future-ready chips.