Sharp, lifelike photos. 3D sensors. Smoother video playback, gaming and web scrolling. GF is collaborating with innovative clients worldwide to deliver solutions that take viewing experiences to new levels, all in devices we can easily carry in our hands or stash in a backpack.

AMOLED display driver ICs using 28HV, 40HV and 55HV solutions

GF is an industry leader in premium-tier display drivers, ready to meet your design needs with high voltage AMOLED solutions spanning 28 nm to 55 nm high-voltage technology platforms.


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The portfolio is complemented by a suite of in-house and third party intellectual property (IP) optimized for display drivers with touch controllers that is designed to help you accelerate time to-market.

  • GF is the only foundry in production with a 28 nm AMOLED DDIC solution.

  • GF has already shipped > 150K DDIC wafers.‡
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High definition, in a smaller footprint

Meet resolution requirements and form-factor constraints with the industry’s smallest Foundry 28 nm SRAM bitcell (0.12 µm2).

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Flexibility paired with performance

A gate-first MV/HV-friendly layout (8 V / 20-25 V) eliminates gate length restrictions to simplify design while the high-K metal gate platforms deliver power, performance and area advantages.

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Silicon proven

GF’s 28HV, 40HV and 55HV solutions are already in volume production, with high yields.