Audio & Power Management

Crystal clear audio. Longer battery life. Small form factors that don’t sacrifice performance.

55, 130 and 180nm BCDLite

GF’s portfolio of audio amp solutions is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality in power and area-efficient products.


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Audio amps using 55, 130 and 180 nm BCDLite® solutions

Our high-volume manufacturing capabilities in globally distributed fabs help ensure you can get your hardware to market faster, and in the quantities you need to meet your customers’ demands.

  • 5 of top 7 smartphone companies use GF audio amp solutions.*

  • GF has shipped more than 3 billion high-end audio amp units.
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Outstanding audio quality

The advanced power monitoring offered by GF 55, 130 and 180 nm BCDLite audio amp solutions enables superior audio playback while also protecting the device speakers.

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Area efficient

Our BCDLite audio amp solutions feature integrated inductors, eNVM for code storage and high density logic so that you can integrate DSPs, enabling smaller solutions that save valuable board area.

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Industry leading performance

Leverage best-in-class RDSon & BVDSS for switching noise, loss and power benefits designed to deliver a better listening experience.

* Based on GfK report (2019) and independent teardown analysis.For both mobile and wireless infrastructure applications.

Power management ICs using 55, 130 and 180 nm BCDLite solutions

The GF portfolio of BCDLite power management solutions spans nodes ranging from 55 nm to 180 nm and is optimized for battery, single-rail, audio and haptics power-management unit (PMU) applications in mobile devices. 


  • The solutions enable designers to develop high-efficiency, low-leakage power management ICs (PMICs) that can extend battery runtime while integrating up to 50% digital content into smaller form factors.
  • High-volume GF manufacturing capabilities in globally distributed fabs help ensure that clients can get their hardware to market faster and in the quantities they need to meet demand.
  • GF is engaged with PMIC suppliers for two of the top three most popular smartphones in designing their next advanced products with GF BCDLite power management solutions.
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Wide voltage range

With voltage ratings ranging from 5 volts to 100 volts, GF BCDLite solutions enable chip designers to find exactly the right fit to optimize PMU blocks for battery management, audio, system CPU, haptics, sensors or single rail applications in smartphones, smart watches, hearables and more.

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Optimization made easy

With a rich IP library and 250+ design elements to choose from, including power FETs, capacitors, bipolar devices, integrated inductors and multiple memory options for security code/key storage, GF BCDLite solutions enable designers to optimize their hardware.

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More power, in less space

By offering best-in-class RDSON & BVDSS, GF BCDLite solutions give designers the ability to develop designs that optimize the footprint to output power ratio.

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