Imaging and 3D sensing

As 5G takes hold, more reliable, responsive connectivity is powering innovations in mobile imaging—how content is captured and created—that add a wow factor to the user experience.

3D sensing and hyper-spectral sensors, 8K resolution, higher frame rates and new compression formats are just some of the breakthroughs industry visionaries are exploring to bring those more compelling, immersive experiences to life.

Top industry image sensor providers are leveraging GF logic solutions for image sensor stacking.

GlobalFoundries® is arming industry leaders with advanced-node logic solutions for stacking with CMOS image sensors. These logic dies are the interface between the CMOS image sensor and the application processor in mobile phones.  Our high-volume manufacturing of these solutions offers supply assurance for hardware our customers can count on, in the volumes they need. 

Higher resolutions 

Our logic solutions enable higher resolution images with sharper and faster autofocus, even in low light, so consumers can enjoy new levels of detail and clarity.  These advances are designed to help deliver visual experiences that are better than real life, with darker darks, more vibrant colors and sharper edges to help families, friends and colleagues feel more connected, even when miles—or continents—apart.

Innovating for the future of imaging experiences

The need for innovation to keep pace with rising user expectations for premium mobile imaging experiences continues to grow, and GF is looking beyond optical imaging. Our future-ready roadmap includes solutions for LiDAR 3D-mapping optimized for augmented reality and sensing applications that enhance imaging beyond the visible spectrum. These solutions feature new sensing devices, including single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD)-based time-of-flight sensors for 3D depth sensing and photodiodes for near-infrared and shortwave infrared sensors.