Healthcare IoT

Bringing secure and connected healthcare into the home

Improve the patient journey with connected and secure IoT medical solutions from GF

From routine checkups to monitoring chronic illnesses, the growing healthcare IoT market is revolutionizing the way people receive healthcare and changing how people manage their health and medical needs. With a broad portfolio of connectivity, user experience and memory technologies, GF is prepared to support the healthcare needs of today, from intuitive sensing and 24/7 connectivity, all while ensuring user data and privacy is protected.  

Connectivity for

healthcare at home

Intuitive sensing:

the future of


Security and


Staying connected 24/7

From glucose monitoring to blood testing, the consumer healthcare market is moving away from appointment visits and embracing at-home patient monitoring and medical treatments. With a portfolio of connectivity technologies, GF enables reliable connectivity to bring convenient healthcare into the home.  

  • Combine user experience with ultra-low Power battery saving technology to enable 24/7 continuous monitoring  
  • Support reliable wireless connection between monitoring devices and smartphones for patient’s convenience and constant health-awareness  
  • Enable quick wireless transmission, no matter the location, with highly-selective technologies that can operate in a multi-protocol environment to ensure users are getting the most up to date and reliable information about their health

Intuitive sensing for the future of healthcare

The healthcare environment is changing; in-person doctor visits are being replaced by telehealth appointments, while testing can now be done at home. The next step in this healthcare revolution is enabling devices to anticipate users’ health needs and diagnosing minor illnesses. GF is ready for the future of intuitive health sensing with high-performing technologies that effectively address these requirements.  

  • Edge AI/ML sensor fusion for accumulation of data from multiple sensors to gain a more accurate picture of the sensors’ subject or environment  
  • Fully integrated NIR (near-Infrared) sensor and radar wireless sensor  for accurate and contactless monitoring and sensing devices for proactive care  
  • Minimally invasive electrochemical sensors and microfluidics for biomolecule sensing and biosensors  

Security and reliability

Data breaches and protecting user privacy is a top healthcare concern. Whether it be devices connecting to a hospital database or routinely handling sensitive user data, GF’s portfolio of technology enables secure solutions so that users can be confident that their privacy is protected.  

  • Reliable RF and memory technologies for secure devices and data that minimize risks of server and data breaches  
  • Enable secure subsystems, root-of-trust for software authentication and over the air updates that enable the wireless MCU to operate securely