The popularity of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles continues to grow, minimizing human error factors to make travel safer and smoother. RADAR and LiDAR-based technologies play a critical role in ADAS, enabling features such as adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, blind spot detection, collision warnings and more, while paving the way for fully autonomous driving.

ADAS is all about sense-analyze-act. Sensor fusion analyzes data from various sense inputs such as camera, radar, LiDAR, TOFL and ultrasound, and adds artificial intelligence functions such as deep learning capability to enable accurate environment acuity.

22FDX® RF, SiGe HP and 40 nm bulk CMOS

Automotive RADAR is one of GlobalFoundries® (GF®) core competencies. A range of solutions, silicon-verified IP and reference designs enable designers to optimize chips for application-specific ADAS features.


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GF has helped make radar design simple, enabling established companies and newcomers alike to design innovative and disruptive radar solutions.

  • 22FDX® enables efficient and quick RADAR designs for faster time to market while mitigating risk due to ease of RF design and availability of reference designs and application-specific IP.
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Optimized SoCs

GF’s 40 nm and 22FDX® RF mmWave solutions enable SoC integration of memory, DSP, analog and RF features to handle ADAS complexity. The solutions are ideal for short-range side/rear and mid-range forward-looking RADAR. 22FDX-based RADAR sensors can provide higher resolution and less latency than current RADAR sensors, while minimizing total system cost.

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Stand out with SiGe

GF’s high performance SiGe BiCMOS (SiGe HP) solutions, built on 130 nm or 90 nm platforms, offer world-class performance for ADAS RADAR ICs due to the superior VCO phase noise and higher PA output power and efficiency of SiGe HBTs. The solutions are optimal for long range, ultra-high performance 77 GHz imaging RADAR and have enabled designs for multiple generations of vehicles.

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Drive innovation

The GF AutoPro™ service package provides automotive clients with a broad set of solutions and manufacturing services that minimize certification efforts and speed time-to-market. AutoPro is built upon three core pillars: quality systems readiness, technology platform readiness and operational readiness.