The FDX Network™ Partner Program FAQ

What is being offered?

The FDX Network™ delivers design elements (IP), platforms (ASIC), tools (EDA), reference solutions (reference designs, system IP), resources (design consultation, services), and product packaging and test (OSAT) solutions that enable GlobalFoundries’ customers to improve SoC development cycle times and minimize development costs.

What are the advantages of this ecosystem to customers?

GF The FDX Network™ Partner Program is an ecosystem to facilitate 22FDX™ system-on-chip (SoC) design and reduce time-to-market, including validated FDX™ supported IP, design flows and solutions.

What technology is the The FDX Network™ tied to?

Currently the ecosystem is set up around GF’s 22FDX technology, with foundation and complex IPs built to suit the SoC as fab ready. The FDX Network™ will extend to also include 12FDX™ as this next generation solution development gains momentum.

How different is the The FDX Network™ from the FD-SOI consortium?

Both the The FDX Network™ and the FD-SOI consortium are complementary programs with the The FDX Network™ being specialized or tailored around the GF FDX solutions.

What is the market opportunity for The FDX Network™? What are the primary application targets?

The market opportunity for The FDX Network™ encompasses the 22FDX technology which is quite large starting with the general category of connected intelligent systems. The range of applications span across systems for intelligent clients, 5G connectivity, AR/VR, and automotive.

Will the Ecosystem help in migrating the SoC development from bulk nodes to FD-SOI?

The FDX Network™ lowers the barriers of migration from bulk nodes such as 40nm or 28nm to FD-SOI through leveraging existing design flows, design automation tools and design service partners.

When can I start using the ecosystem as a customer?

Today! With the release of the 22FDX PDK (0.6) which has EDA tools from Cadence, Synopsys, ANSYS, ATopTech & Mentor Graphics, and also INVECAS foundation and application-optimized IPs, the infrastructure to support the FDX SoC development is already in place and growing.

What other partners are you planning to add?

The FDX Network™ is an open and collaborative program composed of a variety of partners, including Cadence, Synopsys, INVECAS, Verisilicon, CEA Leti, Dreamchip and Encore Semi. Participating members have committed to build innovative 22FDX SoC solutions that will position their companies to take advantage of the broad adoption and expected growth of the FDX market.

GF continues to work closely with multiple partners to expand our The FDX Network™ design ecosystem.

How is the The FDX Network™ different from GlobalSolutions®?

The FDX Network™ is complementary to GlobalSolutions®. The FDX Network™ is an FDX-specific program that extends beyond IP solutions to offer an end-to-end FD-SOI customer solution market place including Tools (EDA), Design Elements (IP), Platforms (ASIC), Reference Solutions (system IP), Resources (design consultation, services), and Product Packaging and Test (OSAT). Both programs will be run in tight interlock.

Where can I learn more about The FDX Network™?

Please visit our website or feel free to contact [email protected]