Computing and Wired Infrastructure

The fifth wave of computing is here, enabled by a wave of pervasive linked “things” and AI training and inference in the data center, cloud and at the edge. GF’s combination of AI-optimized IP, RF-centric connectivity features and PPA-efficient solutions are helping clients develop products that fuel new levels of intelligence. As the need for speed increases with data volumes increasing exponentially, GF solutions are also enabling clients to harness the speed of light in optical transport applications. 


14LPP/12LP design wins
Including volume production of CPUs and GPUs

>2.5 Million

CPU & GPU wafers
shipped based on GF platforms


2.5D & 3D

Advanced packaging
integration with multi HBMs

First & only

Foundry AI reference package
optimized for PPA with GF FinFET technology
Integrated RF + silicon photonics solution in the industry
with most data per fiber demonstrated
0.4 Tb/s per fiber (16 λ @ 25 Gb/s)