Mask Services

GF mask services capitalize on unwavering partnerships in the Design Enablement Network to deliver optimized mask solutions. Bring your designs from manufacturing to production using the combined mask skills, resources and expertise of GF and our global partners. 

Key features include:

  • Design Enablement
  • Design Tape-out
  • Data Preparation
  • Mask Making
  • Reticle-in
  • Wafer Printing
Advantages include:

Mask Quality

GF has an active and stringent quality program with mask shops. In-house mask checks are conducted regularly to enable immediate detection of mask defects, such as particles, scratches, ESD and pellicle frame, which ensure low defect rates.

Mask Delivery

Daily follow ups and regular mask delivery performance reviews with mask shops ensure continuous on-time supply of masks and competitive mask making cycle time. Regular periodic audits are conducted at mask shop manufacturing sites to ensure high-quality mask delivery. 

Maskmaking Network

A comprehensive mask making network, combined with strong engineering partnerships with world- leading commercial mask shops, enables high quality, leading-edge mask making capability and capacity at competitive prices.