Automotive, Industrial and Multi-market

The move to ever more embedded intelligence enabled by 5G’s real-time connectivity, and the increasing demands for energy efficiency and power management particularly in automotive, industrial, medical and consumer applications, are poised to drive major changes across these industries. GF offers a range of differentiated, specialized application solutions for automotive, consumer, industrial, security and medical applications including AI-specific features for inference in the cloud and at the edge.  GF’s AutoPro™, automotive certified manufacturing and market-optimized features such as embedded memories and IP offerings are helping clients deliver products for ADAS and autonomous vehicles.  

Lowest power

Connectivity + RF
integrated solution at 0.4V with GF FDX™ technology


eMRAM design wins
with GF FDX™ technology


Auto radar design wins
on GF on 40nm and 22FDX® technologies


130BCD design wins
including rugged auto and industrial applications