GLOBALFOUNDRIES推出全资子公司Avera Semi,提供定制ASIC解决方案


Solutions will focus on networking, datacenter, AI/ML and other high-performance intelligent systems

Santa Clara, Calif., November 1, 2018 – GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced the establishment of Avera Semiconductor LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to providing custom silicon solutions for a broad range of applications. Avera Semi will leverage deep ties with GF to deliver ASIC offerings on 14/12nm and more mature technologies while providing clients new capabilities and access to alternate foundry processes at 7nm and beyond.

Avera Semi is built upon an unrivaled legacy of ASIC expertise, tapping into a world-class team that has executed more than 2,000 complex designs in its 25-year history. With more than 850 employees, annual revenues in excess of $500 million, and over $3 billion in 14nm designs in execution, Avera Semi is well positioned to serve clients developing products across a wide range of markets, including wired and wireless networking, data centers and storage, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and aerospace and defense.

The new company is led by Kevin O’Buckley, a leader in the ASIC business since joining GF as part of the acquisition of IBM Microelectronics in 2015. Previously, he spent nearly 20 years at IBM in a variety of roles spanning both technical and executive leadership positions.

“I couldn’t imagine a better time to launch a new venture focused on delivering custom ASIC solutions,” O’Buckley said. “Data traffic and bandwidth demands have exploded, and next-generation systems for cloud and communications must deliver more performance and handle more complexity than ever before. Avera Semi has the right combination of expertise and technology to help our clients design and build high-performance, highly optimized semiconductor solutions.”

"Arm公司高级副总裁兼基础设施业务线总经理Drew Henry说:"Arm公司与建立Avera Semi的团队长期合作,以加强PPA并为市场带来创新解决方案。"随着对计算要求的需求 我们期待着将Avera的能力和技术与Arm Neoverse解决方案和物理设计IP相结合,为广大客户提供独特的价值。


"Synopsys与GF的长期合作使我们能够提供广泛的高质量DesignWare组合。IP,"Synopsys公司IP营销副总裁John Koeter说。"我们期待着与Avera Semi继续保持这种成功,为设计人员在先进的FinFET工艺上进行下一代高性能SoC设计提供必要的IP。"


Avera Semi offers clients a range of capabilities to enable end-to-end silicon solutions:

  • 在领先和成熟的工艺技术上提供ASIC产品,包括在7纳米上新建立的代工合作关系

  • 丰富的IP组合,包括高速串行解调器、高性能嵌入式TCAM、ARM®内核以及性能和密度优化的嵌入式SRAM

  • 一个全面的、经过生产验证的设计方法,建立在首次正确结果的强大记录之上,以帮助减少开发成本和上市时间。

  • 先进的封装选项可提高带宽,消除I/O瓶颈,并减少内存面积、延迟和功耗

  • Flexible ASIC business engagement models that give clients the ability to supplement in-house resources with the level of support needed from experienced chip design, methodology, test and packaging teams

关于Avera Semi

Avera Semi provides application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) semiconductor solutions that deliver system-level differentiation for next-generation networking, data center, machine learning, automotive, and aerospace and defense applications. The company was established in 2018 to provide clients sustained access to leading-edge lithography technologies at 7nm and beyond, while leveraging deep ties with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to deliver ASIC offerings on 14/12nm and older technologies. Avera Semi is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLOBALFOUNDRIES. For more information, visit


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