Vermont Partnership Advances Use of Green Hydrogen as Clean Fuel of the Future

The promise of a hydrogen economy and a clean energy future is taking a step forward with an innovative project that will take shape at GlobalFoundries (GF), thanks to a partnership with Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. (VGS) and the University of Vermont. The initiative was announced today by the partnership members.

Expansion, Innovation, and Growth at GF: Top 10 Stories from 2021

GlobalFoundries® (GF®) has never had a year quite like 2021. From major manufacturing expansion announcements, to collaborating with world-leading partners to redefine innovation for automobiles and smartphones, to making our stock market debut, this was a year to remember.

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2021, we have collected the top GF stories of the year.

GlobalFoundries Announces Extension of AMD Wafer Supply Agreement to Guarantee Supply

Malta, New York December 23, 2021– GlobalFoundries Inc. (Nasdaq: GFS) (GF), a global leader in feature-rich semiconductor manufacturing, today announced that it hasagreed to amend its Wafer Supply Agreement (WSA) with AMD to increase the volume of chips GF will supply as well as extend the terms of the agreement to secure supply through 2025. The agreement also expands the breadth of the partnership, including supply assurance for AMD chips serving the datacenter, personal computing, embedded and other growth markets.