IMS 2022

IMS is dedicated to all things microwaves and RF, including numerous sessions focused on GF technologies and solutions, developed under GF Labs.

Three workshop/sessions presented by the GF team

Alex MargomenosBits in Space: Delivering Connectivity to the Next 4B SubscribersWorkshop WMB-3June 20
Purushothaman SrinivasanSuperior Reliability and Low Self-Heating of a 45nm CMOS 39-GHz Power Amplifier for 5G mmWave applicationsRFIC Session RMo4BJune 20
Shweta KhokaleLNFET device with 325/475GHz fT/fMAX and 0.47dB NFMIN at 20GHz for SATCOM applications in 45nm PDSOI CMOSRFIC Session RTu3BJune 21

30+ papers that detail GF technologies and solutions

VoinigescuTu2E-5Univ Toronto22nmCryogenic Compact mm-Wave Broadband SPST Switch in 22nm FDSOI CMOS for Monolithic Quantum Processors
RebeizWSG-4UCSD22nmNext-Generation Phased Arrays for 6G mm-Wave Wireless Communications
Zonghao LiWe2C-4Univ Toronto22nmDesign and Optimization of T-Coil-Enhanced ESD Circuit with Upsampling Convolutional Neural Network
VoinigescuWe2F-1Univ Toronto22nmW-Band Active Repeater Arrays and Cognitive Receivers for OFDM Radar Networks
R HanWSH-1MIT22nmTowards High-Angular-Resolution Radar Imaging at Sub-THz
GerfersWe3D-3TU Berlin22nmA Fully-Differential 146.6–157.4GHz LNA Utilizing Back Gate Control to Adjust Gain in 22nm FDSOI
StaszewskiWSF-8Univ College Dublin22nmTowards Millions of Qubits in a Quantum SoC
Michele SpasaroWe4D-3Aarhus Univ.22nmSub-mW 30GHz Variable-Gain LNA in 22nm FDSOI CMOS for Low-Power Tapered mm-Wave 5G/6G Phased-Array Receivers
Hua WangTu2D-4GT45nm A DC–50GHz DPDT Switch with >27dBm IP1dB in 45nm CMOS SOI
Ahmet Çağrı UlusoyTh3E-2Michigan St45nmA 18–50GHz Two-Phase Mixer-First Receiver Front-End in 45-nm SOI
BuckwalterTh3E-3USCB45nmReconfigurable Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers in GaN and SOI Using Passive Load Modulation
RebeizWSE-5UCSD45nmHigh Efficiency D-Band Multi-Way Power Combined Amplifiers in 45nm CMOS RFSOI
BuckwalterWME-3UCSB45nmApplications of Code-Domain Signal Processing for Full-Duplex Radio
Hua WangRMo1B-1GT22nm4.2–9.2GHz Cryogenic Transformer Feedback Low Noise Amplifier with 4.5K Noise Temperature and Noise-Power Matching in 22nm CMOS FDSOI
RaskinWe1B-1UC Louvain22nmBack-Gate Lumped Resistance Effect on AC Characteristics of FD-SOI MOSFET 
RebeizRMo1A-5UCSD45nmA 8–30GHz Passive Harmonic Rejection Mixer with 8GHz Instantaneous IF Bandwidth in 45RFSOI
Rebeiz, LiWSG-6UCSD22nm, 45nmNext-Generation Phased Arrays for 6G mm-Wave Wireless Communications – 22nm
Issakov, WiegelTu4D-3FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg22nmAn Area Efficient Low-Power mmWave PRBS Generator in FDSOI
Sengupta, Zheng LiuWe02C-1PrincetonSiGe HPDeep Learning Enabled Inverse Design of 30-94 GHz Psat, 3dB SiGe PA
BuckwalterTu4D-2UCSBSiGe 9HPAn Energy-Efficient, 60Gbps Variable Transimpedance Optical Receiver in a 90nm SiGe HBT Technology
Sengupta, Zheng LiuWe1G-1PrincetonSiGe HPA Compact SiGe Stacked Common-Base Dual-band PA with 20/18.8dBm Psat at 36/64 GHz Supporting Concurrent Modulation
BozorgiRM04A-1Silicon Austria Labs22nmA 22nm FD-SOI CMOS 2-Way D-Band Power Amplifier Achieving PAE of 7.7% at 9.6dBm OP1dB and 3.1% at 6dB Back-Off by Leveraging Adaptive Back-Gate Bias Technique
 P. SrinivasanRMo4B-2GF45nmSuperior Reliability and Low Self-Heating of a 45nm CMOS 39GHz Power Amplifier for 5G mmWave Applications
R. Bogdan StaszewskiRTu4B-2Univ College Dublin22nmA Digital-to-Time Converter Based on Crystal Oscillator Waveform Achieving 86fs Jitter in 22nm FD-SOI CMOS
Shuyang Li, W. ChenRtu4B-2Tsinghua Univ.22nmA 5.1dBm 127–162GHz Frequency Sextupler with Broadband Compensated Transformer-Based Baluns in 22nm FD-SOI CMOS
BelostotskiRTu1A-4Calgary22nmAn LNA with Input Power Match from 6.1 to 38.6GHz, the Noise-Figure Minimum of 1.9dB, and Employing Back Gate for Matching
FagerRMo3B-3Chalmers22nmAn 11GS/s 2×10b 20–26GHz Modulator Using Segmented Non-Linear RF-DACs and Non-Overlapping LO Signals
Hua WangRMo1B-1GT22nmA 4.2–9.2GHz Cryogenic Transformer Feedback Low Noise Amplifier with 4.5K Noise Temperature and Noise-Power Matching in 22nm CMOS
RaskinRM02B-2UC Louvain22nmA DC–120GHz SPDT Switch Based on 22nm FD-SOI SLVT NFETs with Substrate Isolation Rings Towards Increased Shunt Impedance
H. KrishnaswarmyRMo2A-3Columbia Univ45nmA 60GHz Phased Array Transceiver Chipset in 45nm RF SOI Featuring Channel Aggregation Using HRM-Based Frequency Interleaving
Hamani, et alRM02A-5CEA-Leti45nm56.32Gb/s 16-QAM D-Band Wireless Link Using RX-TX Systems-inPackage with Integrated Multi-LO Generators in 45nm RFSOI
Hua WangRTu1B-3GT45nmA Compact Single Transformer Footprint Hybrid Current-Voltage Digital Doherty Power Amplifier
S. JainRTu3B-1GF45nmLNFET Device with 325/475GHz fT /fMAX and 0.47dB NFMIN at 20GHz for SATCOM Applications in 45nm PDSOI CMOS
Ouvrier-Buffet, et alRTu3B-4CEA-Leti45nmMulti-Tone Frequency Generator for Gate-Based Readout of Spin Qubits
Hua WangRTu4A-4GT45nmA 26-to-33GHz Time-Modulated Spectral-Spatial Mapping MIMO Receiver Array with Concurrent Steerable Multi-Beams Using Only One Beamformer and One Single-Wire Interface